DARTS: The madness that is the World Darts Championship

I once came home from a cricket match I’d played in, to find my then 12 year old son sat in front of the telly watching the darts.  Taking advantage of his Mum being upstairs trying to get his younger sister get through the bath and bed routine, he’d helped himself to a glass of red wine and was happy as Larry.  And to be honest, I can see why the arrers would hold a fascination to someone of tender years.  Ridiculous fancy dress costumes in the crowd, the raucous atmosphere, Sky Sports did an amazing job in turning darts tournaments into full blown parties.

It’s been a while since I sat down to watch myself. My lad has left home and is now at Uni, and there’s always something else to be doing.  But I have managed to get a peep in at the World Championships that started at the back end of last week, and although the early rounds perhaps aren’t quite as frenzied as the later, it still looks like good fun.

Of course it’s even more fun if you’re making a bit of money on it too.  And On The Oche has had a fantastic year, so for their sake as much as anything, I really hope this is a tournament they can round things off in style on.

It’s been a steady enough start.  Just five bets at time of writing, three winners and a profit of a little under a point.  Nothing spectacular, but just a few points extra profit accumulated would really round things off for OTO.

Here’s hoping they can do just that.

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