GOLF: A dry run for next year.

Last week was a strange one.  No PGA Tour event for a start, and the last DP World Tour event over in Mauritius being a target for just Golf Insider (who picked the 16/1 winner) and Weekly Golf Value (who found three to place).

I had money on the winner, although strictly speaking I’d already sourced it as a bet using the Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker and backed it as such, where Antoine Rozner was showing as representing value.  But more on that in Wednesday’s post.

This was essentially a dry run for how my betting is looking like stacking up next year.  I’d like to say that life got in the way of doing much last week and sound all mysterious and interesting, but the reality was work was hectic (always is as I try and get things wrapped up for Christmas (Ha! Get it?)) and I also had Christmas shopping to do.  If I didn’t get that important job done, then 2023 may be the year of making good gambling profits, but it would also likely turn out to be the year I need to make the money to pay for the divorce!

Anyway, there was plenty of stuff to get stuck into in the shops and with the one remaining online account I have, so I took the conscious decision to concentrate on that.  This is my new reality.

The chap who was Best Man at my wedding is, I’m pleased to say, proving that he can live up to the title albeit 20-odd years after he had to remember the rings and make his speech, by sticking my money on the World Darts bets coming through from On The Oche, so I’ll give an update on how that’s been going tomorrow, and then final post for the year on Wednesday.  Thursday, I’m off away for Christmas.  And I can’t wait.

Until tomorrow…

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