Spotting other BBers, a blizzard of profit, and Happy Christmas!

I don’t think it’s any secret that the vast majority of my betting now is guided by the material available on the Bookie Basher’s website.  I use the Golf, Horse Racing and Football Coupons trackers, implement the Double Delight/Hat Trick Heaven strategy whenever possible, and look to get involved with the suggested methods for profiting from NFL matches too.

If you read the SBC reviews for the horse racing and football trackers, you’ll know that it’s advised to strike up a rapport with the shop staff down at the bookies.  Tip them after a good win, be nice, take an interest in them…so that when it comes to it, they’re less likely to impose bans on you betting with them, or reporting you to the Area Managers who will not hesitate to do what they can to be rid of you if they think you’re capable of making a profit long term.

So it was interesting when, for the first time ever, I saw someone else slip each of two staff members at one of my locals £20 as a tip.  I’ve no idea how big his win had been, but sufficient to show some largesse, it seems!  And it made me wonder if he was a BBer, playing the game (quite possible he was just a nice bloke, I guess).

And just a couple of days later, I saw a middle-aged, very well-spoken and presented lady picking up a footie coupon, whilst talking on the ‘phone.  After striking a (very small) bet, I could hear her as she walked out the office, talking into her mobile about the prices on the teams she had just backed.  A classic tactic for weeding out the prices that had been cut so that her gambling partner could go in somewhere else and place the “proper” bet.

I was tempted to stop her and have a chat, but where do you start a conversation like that?  “Excuse me, are you a Bookie Basher?”.  I could be arrested.  At best, she’d have thought I was some weirdo with the worst chat up line ever!

Last week was an absolute stormer for me and it’s made paying for Christmas very much easier.  I mentioned on Monday that I’d got Antoine Rozner, 16/1 winner of the last DP Tour event of the year from the Golf Tracker.  The reason I got him was that the price on one of the Weekly Golf Value tips (Niklas Norgaard Moller) had gone by the time I’d driven to my nearest Corals once I’d finished work.  No point in taking -EV bets, so had a look to see what was on the Tracker.  At 16/1 and showing 107% +EV, backing Rozner meant my field coverage for the event came to 13%, which was perfect as I aim for between 12.5 and 15% each week.  Happy days!

This was followed by a really good Lucky 15 winner which netted 26 points profit.  A 22/1 winner, a 14/1 winner, an unplaced and a horse in a race at a meeting that was abandoned due to the weather was enough to bring horse racing back to an all time profit high for the year.  The ROI on this now is incredible.

And finally, my football coupon betting had been on a bit of a slump, but a decent win at the weekend clawed back a chunk of the losses.  Interestingly, three of the seven matches were abandoned, again because of the weather, but it didn’t prevent a good profit being made.

So all in all, it was a hell of a week.  The NFL so very nearly added a big chunk too, but Field Goals were a right pain in the arris!  Betting in three games, and needing a tied scoreline at half time to land one bet and set up a bigger win on a second, a missed field goal just before half time that would have brought the scores level proved a source of frustration.  I mean, what percentage of field goal attempts are missed anyway?  Not many!  And then, with four seconds on the clock before the half time siren sounded in another game, a successful field goal took the score from 3-3 to 6-3.  What could have been, eh?

So that brings the year to a close.  All that remains is to say have a fantastic Christmas if you celebrate it, have a great holiday if you don’t, and I’ll see you all back here in the New Year.

Have a good one.

GOLF: roi 51.91%

RACING: roi 68.19%


NFL: roi 38%

DD/HH: roi -8.73%

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