A sad day, and the start of a new era.

Close friends and family had been called to the patient’s bedside.  Life had lasted much longer than the average expectancy, and it had been happy life, “fruitful” some might say, and full of great memories.  This had been a life well lived, and although the depth of sadness in those present when the moment came was almost tangible, there were no regrets or shock at the situation.  Rather this had been something that had been coming for a long while.  It was something that had been prepared for.

On Monday 10th January 2023, at precisely 11.02am, my last unrestricted online betting account passed to the other side.  The bookmaker had pulled the plug, and that was that.  The end of an era, and the start of another.  To be quite honest, after the amount I’d made from it over the past six months, I’d have closed it a long time ago.  Quite how it remained viable for as long as it did I really have no idea.

But life moves on, and come 11.03am on Monday, thoughts had already turned to the next chapter.  The period of mourning was over. It was time to crack on.

So come 8.30 on Tuesday morning, having fought through torrential rain, there I was at my local bookies to get a Lucky 15 down.  I was slightly surprised to find that I wasn’t the first in the shop.  Actually, I was more than slightly surprised that it was even open at 8.30.  The Laddies over the road doesn’t open its doors until 9.00, the lazy gits.

I guess this is the way forward now.  Early start at work (7.45-8.00ish), and then a quick nip down the bookies to get a Lucky 15 or two down, another at lunchtime if there’s anything suitable with which to make up a Lucky 15, and perhaps get a footie coupon in, and then a drive further afield in the early evening.  It’s going to be a grind.

Talking of football coupons, and it’s been a really difficult start to the year.  If you read the results post yesterday, you’ll know I had a decent return on a coupon over the weekend, but that served merely to reduce losses.  It really isn’t the losing that bothers me.  That will change as long as I consistently continue betting teams whose prices represent value.  But for some reason, I’ve been finding that five or six of the teams I’m backing have had their prices slashed significantly.  I don’t mind so much if this is happening in the run up to kick offs as team news filters through and “smart” money starts to impact the markets.  But it’s not been like this.  In fact the one coupon where all the prices have remained as expected was the one I placed about half an hour before the matches were due to start.

I guess what I’m saying is that I can cope with losing runs.  Experience tells me that as long as I am consistent in my approach and I’m backing value, the profit will follow either sooner or later.  But at the moment I don’t quite feel I’ve got my “betting pattern” quite settled when it comes to the coupons.  And I need to work this out.  Sharpish.

Let’s see what this week brings.

Good luck with your punting!


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