Week 1 Results

Good Evening.

So, here’s the plan.  Each week, on a Monday or Tuesday, I’m going to post up a brief summary of the previous week’s results, and at the end of each month, do a review.  Nothing fancy here, just the figures and an outline of any particularly highlights and lowlights.  And then every Wednesday will be the more detailed post with thoughts, observations, etc.

Should note too that having given everything some thought, I’m going to be supporting the PGA Profit bets still, but likely win-only and only on the Exchanges, and there will very shortly be news of a different (and new) tipster who also produces golf tips.  Again, the Exchange will be the way forward with these too.  But all that’s for next week.

As for Week 1 of 2023, well overall we turned a profit.  Not a huge one, but a profit is a profit and I’m never going to complain whenever I see that!


My very first bet of 2023 was a Lucky 15 which with a winner and two placed produced a 10 point profit.  Nothing to rival that subsequently.  ROI (Year To Date): 17.87%.


A wash out for Weekly Golf Value but couldn’t help but feel a wee bit unlucky with two golfers finishing 7th when the place terms were Top 6.  ROI -100%.

Football Coupons

More thoughts on this tomorrow, but the start of the week was dire.  Loads of losers, no returns from several slips, and not great.  Then one decent coupon at the weekend meant the overall loss in the end for the week was much less than had looked likely.  ROI – 26.87%.

Value Bets

Just three bets, one winner.  ROI – 37.06%


Let’s just say I’m due a winner.  ROI -100%


The hero of the hour (week).  Four suitable matches to get involved with on Sunday evening.  Two games saw the teams level at half time (win!) and then the team doubled up to win at Full Time having been level at half time did the biz.  ROI 367.13%.

Total ROI: 13.68%, ROC 1.65%


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