Week 2 Results

So the (soon to be usual) run down of last week’s results.


Thorny issue, and much more about this in Wednesday’s post.  Only five Lucky 15s placed (hence  the problem) and hardly a horse placing.  ROI -92%.


More on this on Wednesday too, but sadly I didn’t make the profit Weekly Golf Value did.  ROI -3.87%.

No winner from PGA Profit: ROI -100%.

Football Coupons

Like last week, one slip with a good, if not spectacular return, with the rest not offering much at all.  Overall a decent rate of return though. ROI 44.8%.

Value Bets

Just three bets, one winner.  ROI -25.95%


A fair few bets over the weekend and hooray – Brennon Johnson scoring not just the first goal for Nottingham Forest at 15/2, but then going on to score a second meant that this strategy was the Star of the Show last week, and ensured a profit overall.  ROI 147.61%


No suitable games to get involved in last week. Looks likely to be the same this weekend coming, too.  ROI n/a.

Total ROI: 11.63%, ROC 0.63%

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