Staying in control of the basics.

I would think that most of you are familiar with the following quote:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

These words are without doubt, highly relevant to the way you should go about running your betting portfolio.  To avoid going insane, you need to separate in your mind what it is you can control, from the things you can’t.

You cannot control how the horses you back run.  You cannot control the player who misses an open goal from inside the six yard box in the 93rd minute, thus making your bet a losing one and not a winner.  You cannot control the golfer who misses the three foot putt to clinch the tournament, denying you a winner at 50/1.

The sooner you get your head around this inescapable fact, the better.  By accepting that you have no control at all over the events you are betting on, you will avoid much heartache and hair tearing!

However, it is just as important to be aware of the various things connected to your betting that you are 100% in control of.  Because if you don’t, things will run away from you.

You need to:

  1. Keep proper and accurate records of all of your bets.
  2. Open as many bookmaker accounts as you can.
  3. Set up your portfolio so that it is balanced and diverse.
  4. Allocate accurate and properly calculated betting banks to each service that you follow.
  5. Think clearly and rationally about any decision made affecting the portfolio.

Only by doing these five things will you be running your portfolio on a professional basis.  I guess the five points are the first stages involved in elevating your betting from simply being a pastime to representing a form of investment.  Which surely is the aim, isn’t it?

We’ll look at these issues more closely in future posts.

Betting from Saturday 26th November to Friday 2nd December

Well if last week was a stormer, this week was a nightmare.

Of the 11 tipping services to issue bets this last week, only one turned a profit!  In times like this, you just have to remember there will be weeks when 11 services provide a profit, and just one a loss.

So, hats off to Chasemaster, who had a lovely winner on Thursday (Ascunion – Market Rasen – 14/1).  I was a little fortunate with the price, as I placed the bet with a new bookmaker account I’d recently opened and therefore benefited from the BOG concession that I am still entitled to.  The officially recommended price was 9/1 – lovely when they drift like that and win!

Elsewhere it was unmitigated losses everywhere.  There were no returns at all for Racing Service A (although only 2.5 points were staked), the Morning Value Service (Doubles), and Football Service A, who couldn’t do anything right.  I must admit, going in with relatively large stakes on big names to cover big handicap lines is not something with which I feel comfortable, but that’s just a personal outlook.

Here’s hoping to a better week ahead.

Chasemaster: Staked 5pts, +15.625pts.

Jason James: Staked 19pts, -3.25pts.

Northern Monkey: Staked 13.25pts, -1.1pts.

Racing Service A: Staked 2.5pts, -2.5pts.

Racing Service B: Staked 31.5pts, -18pts.

Morning Value Service (Lite): Staked 12pts, -2.25pts.

Morning Value Service (Doubles): Staked 12pts, -12pts.

Football Service A: Staked 13.4pts, -13.4pts

Football Service B: Staked 6pts, -3.76pts.

Football Service C: Staked 13pts, -5.79pts.

Pinpoint Golf: Staked 35.75pts, -13.5pts.

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