Long term, long term, long term.

Back in 1996 Tony Blair set out his government’s priorities at that year’s Labour Party conference: “Ask me my three main priorities for government, and I will tell you: education, education, education”.

Well, if you ask me what my priorities are when I’m planning my betting, and I will tell you: long term, long term, long term.

It’s boring, I know.  And I can guarantee too that when things get a bit tough, as they surely will at fairly regular intervals, you will be thinking sod the long term, what about the here and now?

However, before you set out on your mission to bet profitably, you simply must set realistic ambitions and give yourself plenty of time to achieve them.  If you try to take shortcuts in an effort to speed things up, you will be punished.  Slow and steady really does win this particular race, and putting yourself under pressure by trying to ramp things up too quickly is a strategy bound to end in tears.

Patience is essential, and if you’re starting small, building returns gradually as you should with any financial investment, there will inevitably be times when you feel that you’re failing to make any progress.  Your returns will look modest to you, and if you’re not fortunate enough to start making a profit instantly, you will need to remain focused on…yes, you guessed it…the long term.

To bet successfully, there are certain traits that you must demonstrate: patience is, as far as I am concerned, at the top of the list.  If you can demonstrate patience, and then add solid contributions of being realistic in the expectations you set and an understanding that this is no get-rich-quick scheme, then you’re loading the dice in your favour.

Patience, patience, patience.  Long term, long term, long term – as one former Prime Minister might say were he an experienced bettor.


Betting from Saturday 19th November to Friday 25th November

A very good week of betting for the portfolio, primarily down to the strong performance of a couple of football betting services I follow.  Last Saturday in particular was an extremely good day, and in fact the other six days between them only added a sliver of profit.

Of the twelve service that proffered bets, seven were profitable.  Of the five that made a loss, three of them barely ended in the red, so losses were controlled.  An overall ROI on the week of 25.44% is the happy result.

Chasemaster: Staked 6pts, +4.25pts.

Jason James: Staked 26.5pts, -8.5pts.

Northern Monkey: Staked 12.25pts, +3.902pts.

Racing Service A: Staked 1.875pts, -0.25pts.

Racing Service B: Staked 18pts, -1.75pts.

Morning Value Service (Lite): Staked 11pts, -0.75pts.

Morning Value Service (Doubles): Staked 6pts, -6pts.

Combo Racing System: Staked 4pts, +2.25pts.

Football Service A: Staked 15.6pts, +7.736pts.

Football Service B: Staked 11pts, +8.49pts.

Football Service C: Staked 16pts, +5.67pts.

Pinpoint Golf: Staked 48pts, +1.95pts.

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