Staying focused and grinding away…

This year, sadly, I’ve not yet been able to report back on a big Lucky 15 win from the Bookiebashing Racing Tracker..  It will come.  It is just a matter of time, but the thing we don’t know is how much time.  It could be today we get a huge win, it could be next week, month, or not until next year!

I saw someone comment that he feels the strategy centres around concentrating on breaking more or less even for a period of time, and then profiting from a Lucky 15 that brings big rewards.  If I look back on my own records from when I started following the strategy last February, I can see where this chap is coming from.  In 2022, covering almost ten months of placing Lucky 15s, I made a very nice profit indeed.  I grew my initial investment nine times, although those figures are skewed a little by reinvesting the profit and upping stakes, but even allowing for that an ROI of 68% was spectacular.  But breaking things down further, all of the profit was essentially garnered from six bets.  Two gave big four figure returns.  This year, I’ve not had one that has done so.

Last Bank Holiday Monday, I placed seven Lucky15s.  I had winners at 14/1, 12/1 and 11/1.  There were also a series of placed horses at decent prices, but because of the spread of these across the seven bets, I made only around four points profit.  Those big winning bets last year netted around 100 points profit each, which provides some context.

The point I’m making is that there will come a day like the last Bank Holiday, but when the winners and placed horses cluster into one Lucky 15, and that’s when the profit line takes a leap.  Until then, it’s just a case of plugging away, a few losses here, a few small gains there, more or less breaking even as we go.  The test is a mental one.  I’ve found that driving around to different shops is a bit of a grind at times.  The odd big win would really help with the motivation.  It’s maintaining the belief and focus that it will come, that provides the motivation at the moment to just keep plugging away.

Figures update on Wednesday, although no winner on the golf (although Edwards Tips came mightily close with Sergio Garcia who lost a play-off on the LIV Tour) means it’s been another week that just ended in the red.  In other words, it’s been another week grinding away, staying patient, staying focused, and retaining belief.

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