Fine margins.

Not a great week all told.  As ever though in this game, it’s always a fine margin between success and failure, profit and loss.  Had Sergio Garcia won his play-off to win the LIV Golf tournament on Sunday, instead of losing it, the week would have ended in the black.  He didn’t, and so it was a pretty red week all told.  But then, if my uncle had b*@l!, he’d be my Aunitie.  Or something like that.

So this is turning into one of those tricky periods where things aren’t clicking, and we hand a bit of money back to the arch enemy bookmakers.  The situation is made worse by the fact that as explained last week, playing and coaching cricket through the week is having an impact on getting bets on.  The number of bets and turnover is notably down from the norm, and that always leaves you vulnerable.

Take the DD/HH strategy.  I was only able to get involved in one match last week, had two bets, and neither won.  And that was it.  Same with picking out value bets.  Just one bet all week – a loser.

All I can do is plug away.  We all know it will turn, it’s just a matter of when.

Betting 2023-24

DD/HH: Staked 50.15pts, -12.8pts, roi -25.52%, High: 3.05pts, DD: -15.85pts, Max DD: -15.85pts.

Edwards Tips: Staked 9.75pts, -1.476pts, roi -15.14%, High: 3.65pts, DD: -5.126pts, Max DD: -5.126pts.

Football Coupons: Staked 13pts, +10.564pts, roi 81.23%, High: 14.03pts, DD: -3.466pts, Max DD: -4.589pts.

Golf: Staked 1,250pts, -581.59pts, roi -46.52%, High: 0pts, DD: -581.59pts, Max DD: -581.59pts.

Lucky 15s: Staked 70pts, +4.65pts, roi 7.02%, High: 12.554pts, DD: -7.904pts, Max DD: -9.123pts.


PGA Profit: Staked 91pts, +2.628pts, roi 2.88%, High: 37.704pts, DD: -35.076pts, Max DD: -35.076pts.

Value Bets: Staked 30.5pts, +7.4pts, roi 24.26%, High: 16.9pts, DD: -9.5pts, Max DD: -9.5pts.

TOTAL: roi -7.97%

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