SPORTS: On The Oche continues remarkable consistency

It was the World Matchplay Championship last week and On The Oche did what On The Oche does and went about issuing a small number of value bets that returned a decent enough profit.  It has now hot a new profit high for 2022.

Perhaps more remarkable is the tremendous consistency the service has hit this year.  I take it I’ve missed a few picks that have been sent out on Saturdays, so my figures are not going to replicate everyone else’s, but for me the “deepest” drawdown this year from 54.5 points staked, is, wait for it…-2.05 points!

That seems faintly ridiculous.  Not sure it even qualifies as a drawdown.  What it is though, is OTO’s consistency of approach, selectivity, and patience.  Well done, them!

I’m fully aware of course, that by typing these words I’m likely condemning OTO to the mother of all drawdowns.  I sincerely hope not, but if that happens, you fellow OTO disciples out there know who to blame.  I’m just glad none of you know where I live!

On The Oche (30pt bank): Staked 54.5pts, +8.11pts, roi 14.88%, roc 27.03%, High 8.11pts, DD 0pts, Max DD -2.05pts

The Poacher (40): Staked 149.5pts, +5.299pts, roi 3.54%, roc 13.24%, High 6.606pts, DD -1.307pts, Max DD -7.075pts

Touchdown Profit (50): Staked 11pts, +0.39pts, roi 3.54%, roc 0.78%, High 0.66pts, DD -0.27pts, Max DD -4pts

Sports Totals: ROI 6.75%, ROC 12.61%

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