RACING: Can Bookie Bashing do a good roast dinner?

287 Lucky 15 bets struck to one point level stakes.  379.6 points profit.  Return on Investment = 132.26%.

There are many things that go through my mind when I read the above stats.  The first of which, if you’ll excuse my French is, “Blo*dy Hell!”  Let’s give some kudos, love, and general salutations to the Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker for enabling me to produce such results.  The commitment I feel like giving to these guys – who you realise put a HUGE amount of work into what they provide for their followers – possibly reaches the levels I’ve given to my wife of the last 23 years!  If I had to split from one, I reckon I’d have to give some serious thought as to which! (I’m joking my love, should you ever read this – as far as I know, no-one at BB can make a Sunday roast to rival yours. Although if they did…)

The second thought is that I’m doing something wrong; that I’ve somehow stumbled across some superior method of picking which +EV horses put up by the Tracker to include in my Lucky 15s, which has resulted in such incredible success.  I know this is ridiculous and clearly not true.  But when last week’s Lucky 15, that had three winners at 14/1, 9/1, and 5/1, plus a placed horse at 12s) came in, just for a minute or two I thought this must be the case.  For those wondering, I pick which horses to include based on a very simple suggestion you can read in the SBC’s full review of the service.  There really is nothing different, or clever, about what I do when it comes to picking my horses.

Which brings me to my third thought.  The SBC advertise the review of the Tracker with a headline of, “The Lucky 15 strategy with a 27% ROI” or something very similar.  If my BB Racing Tracker results were gained from an investment in shares within a certain sector of the stock market, I’d be expecting the 132% ROI “bubble” to burst any time soon – anyone remember the Tech Bubble crash of 2000?  In essence, performance level is going to have to start reverting to the mean (wherever that is – 27% ROI?) at some point, and I can’t shake off the feeling that time is likely to be soon.

And final thoughts…I’m going to have to change my strategy.  This run has proven to be too much for a couple of online books now.  I knew this was coming, but now I need to react.  How?  By using cash and going to the shops.  This in itself presents challenges.  I do work, after all.  But nothing worth pursuing in life comes without the need to overcome obstacles.  And to be honest, what BB are providing and it’s ongoing potential, is worth pursuing.

I’m pretty confident that Tom Brownlees and his crew at BB will fair pretty well when it comes around to the SBC Betting awards next year and receive due recognition.  To my mind at present, they should be up for honourable knighthoods, free season tickets at the Arsenal for life (there is no greater reward!), and Freedom of the City of London if they so choose.  Not only for the service they provide, but for what Tom did in hand with our very own SBC Pete, for what they did for all of us who used 10bet to back Trey Mullinax recently.

Guys, from me, for all your efforts… Thank you.

Bet Alchemist (100pt bank): Staked 148pts, -11.73pts, roi -7.92%, roc -11.73%, High 0pts, DD -11.73pts, Max DD -24.338pts

Northern Monkey (80): Staked 276.875pts, -20.627pts, roi -7.44%, roc -25.33%, High 0pts, DD -20.627pts, Max DD -45.043pts

The Value Bettor (40): Staked 9.75pts, +1.46pts, roi 14.97%, roc 3.65%, High 2.71pts, DD -1.25pts, Max DD -2pts

BB Racing Tracker (100): Staked 287pts, +379.6pts, roi 132.26%, roc 379.6%, High 0pts, DD 0pts, Max DD -13.388pts

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