SPORTS: I need a ‘summer’ portfolio.

Another very quiet week on the sports front, and that’s going to be the way of it for the next couple of months, I guess.  With the main European football leagues coming to an end The Poacher will be quieter than he is say, in November or December.  Having said that, he is still active and there are still some games for him to go at so no doubt things will tick over.

No NFL for Touchdown Profit and Sports Service 1 is hardly prolific when it comes to number of bets being issued at any time.  So it occurred to me that I perhaps need a “summer” portfolio of tipsters.  There are a couple of really good tennis services out there that I should perhaps start to consider for next year, and you know what?  I’d love to find a top drawer cricket tipster.  I’m amazed at the lack of cricket services.  It’s the nation’s second sport, after all.  We have various county competitions, T20 tournaments from around the world screened live on TV, Test Matches, ODIs, etc.  It’s not as if there’s a lack of sport for a tipster to go at, all year round.

I know there are people out there who trade on cricket matches in-play.  Would be lovely to see a good tipster emerge.  If I could have a Christmas wish in May, I think that would be it.

Sports Service 1 (30pt bank): Staked 38.5pts, +3.72pts, roi 9.66%, roc 12.4%, High 5.77pts, DD -2.05pts, Max DD -2.05pts

The Poacher (40): Staked 133pts, +2.144pts, roi 1.61%, roc 4.28%, High 6.606pts, DD -4.462pts, Max DD -5.441pts

Touchdown Profit (50): Staked 11pts, +0.39pts, roi 3.54%, roc 0.78%, High 0.66pts, DD -0.27pts, Max DD -4pts

Sports Totals: ROI 3.68%, ROC 5.76%

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