SPORTS: Chugging along very nicely indeed, thank you.

It’s been a very good week for The Poacher.  You may remember a couple of weeks or so ago I’d commented on how this service had started 2021 on fire, but was going through a rougher patch.  It was framed in the context that the ROI had reverted much closer to expected levels and that we should in no way be alarmed at what was in my view, simply a “correction”.  Well, as is so typical when it comes to betting, The Poacher has had a good run and from the perspective of my personal figures, from reaching a drawdown figure around the 9.5 point mark, I’m now back to within a couple of points of the previous high water line.

The current ROI (for me) now stands at a lofty 9.5%, once again a figure considerably higher than the 4-5% historical long term roi.  If anything shows how we should manage our own expectations, not getting carried away when things are going swimmingly, and not growing despondent when things are not going so well, surely it is this.

As for the sports portfolio as a whole, I’m now tracking along at exactly the level I aim for long term, ie. an ROI around the 5% mark.  The ROI over time is never going to be as high as it is with golf or the horses, but if a 5% ROI figure can be maintained over the long term, then it’s happy days indeed.

Sports Service 1 (40pts): Staked 17pts, -5.39pts, roi -31.7%, roc -13.47%, High 0pts, CDD: -5.39pts, Max DD: -6.13pts.

Sports Service 2 (30): Staked 14.25pts, +5.265pts, roi 36.94%, roc 17.55%, High: 5.265pts, CDD: -0pts, Max DD: -0.7pts.

Scottish Football Income Booster (100): Staked 33pts, -8.699pts, roi -26.36%, roc -8.69%, High: 4.394pts, CDD: -13.093pts, Max DD: -13.86pts.

The Poacher (40): Staked 112.5pts, +10.689pts, roi 9.5%, roc 26.72%, High: 12.955pts, CDD: -2.266pts, Max DD: -9.645pts

Sports Portfolio: ROI 5.09%, ROC 5.08%.

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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