GOLF: An overdue reality check.

All in all, last week’s betting went swimmingly with both the racing and sports elements of the portfolio making good profits.  However, over the weekend we had a bit of a reality check with the golf.

This had to be expected.  In the same way as I warned a few weeks ago that the ROI being generated by The Poacher was unsustainable, the golf had reached the point where a correction had grown overdue.  This was the week when that happened, to an extent.

Between the three services, we backed something like 23/24 golfers with only two or three overlapping.  Two finished in the places; an in-running bet from PGA Profit at 12/1 which had to share its final place position with a fair few others meaning the return was minimal, and a 125/1 shot from Weekly Golf Value.  I actually ended up backing the place part of the latter bet in the Top 10 market and was unable to secure the odds I would have liked to.

So, not the best of weeks but if you look at the overall golfing ROI for the year to date in the figures below you will see it still sits at a lofty 43.75%.  This is still some way above the level I would expect long term, so all needs to be placed into perspective.  I think too that we have been spoiled a little recently, and weekends like this one are to be expected on a fairly regular basis.

Golf Insider (200pts bank): Staked 73pts, -28.535pts, roi -39.08%, roc -14.26%, High 14.95pts, CDD: -43.215pts, Max DD: -43.215pts

 PGA Profit (500): Staked 215.5pts, +137.73pts, roi 63.91%, roc 27.54%, High +178.5pts, CDD: -40.77pts, Max DD: -65pts

 Weekly Golf Value (1,000): 1,875pts, +1,034.49pts, roi 55.17%, roc 51.72%, High 1,124.85pts, CDD: -90.36pts, Max DD: -93.25pts.

Golf portfolio: ROI 43.75%, ROC 29.21%.

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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