RACING: Exciting days ahead!

There’s really very little to report on in terms of the day to day betting on the nags is concerned.  Certainly the current situation is very removed from the thrills, spills and exciting late nights watching the golf.  This last week has seen a bit of a loss although we’re still in profit overall, just.

Thanks to Northern Monkey however, there is some excitement building as Wayne continues to steadily develop what is an impressive-looking antepost portfolio for the Cheltenham Festival.  This is quite normal for the service, and NMP Festivals of the past have proven to be lucrative affairs.  Here’s hoping that will be the case this year too.

In addition to advising straight antepost bets, Wayne gets stakes rolling onto Cheltenham selections by doubling them up with runners at the bog-standard day to day meetings.  Clearly as you would expect, his plans are sometimes thwarted if the horse running that day at Lingfield or Wolverhampton doesn’t win, but over the years it’s been a tried and tested formula that has paid dividends.  I’ve not ever seen another tipster using this strategy, but it’s one that makes sense.  If Wayne can see value in the prices of his bets for that day, and in one of his Cheltenham fancies, it makes sense to compound that value in doubles.  It also means a pretty exciting four days in March, and at this moment in time that is something very much to look forward to.

Bet Alchemist (100pts):Staked 41pts, -0.751pts, roi -1.83%, roc -0.75%, High: 1.15pts, CDD: -1.901pts, Max DD: -8.438pts.

Northern Monkey Punter (100): Staked 60.325pts, -12.589pts, roi -20.86%, roc -12.58%, High: 1.687pts, CDD: -12.081pts, Max DD: -14.276pts

Precision Value (200):  Staked 116pts, +0.989pts, roi 0.85%, roc 0.49%, High: 5.989pts, CDD: -5pts, Max DD: -15.444pts.

Racing Service 1 (50): Staked 9.5pts, +8.25pts, roi 86.84%, roc 16.5%, High: 11.25pts, CDD: -3pts, Max DD: -3pts.

Racing Portfolio: ROI 2.07%, ROC 0.91%.

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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