GOLF: Mysterious forces at play as PGA Profits, profit. Again!

I have played a number of sports over the years.  Never what folk might call talented in any, but always able to play to a semi-decent Club level without embarrassing myself.  The years may be taking their toll on my legs, but I still play cricket, a bit of 6-a-side footie, and tennis, and although the youngsters often run rings around me with their fancy pace and all that, I reckon I still hold my own…just.  They say the first yard in football is in the head.  Well, I can tell you, the next ten yards are very much in the legs!

In the past, I’ve also played table tennis at Club level, and badminton too.  I know some don’t count these as sports, but I won the odd darts match down the pub as a student, and once hustled ex-pro-jockey Darryll Holland (who rode for many of the top trainers) out of a tenner on the pool table (but that’s a story for another day).

And then there’s golf.  What a ridiculously, stupidly, difficult game golf is.  I tried playing it years ago.  I was on the golf course when Lady Diana died, which tells you how long ago it was.  But I gave it up. Why?  Because it is just so darned difficult.

So, when Max Homa hit the first drive of his first play-off hole last night so that it nestled against the base of a tree, not only could I sympathise because most of my shots ended up against or behind or in trees, fences, bunkers, lakes and/or any other obstacle you might find on a golf course (because it’s a ridiculously difficult game, remember) but I also turned off the telly and went to bed, because frankly, there was no come back for Homa from there.

Imagine my surprise when I found out this morning Homa had indeed won.  I’ve no idea how – I didn’t see it.  But I’m telling you, there are mysterious forces at play with this golfing portfolio at the moment.  That is the only possible explanation for finding yet another winner this week (courtesy of the scalding hot PGA Profit) to make it…erm…let’s see now..ermmm…  You know I can’t flaming keep up with how many golf  winners we’ve had this year now.  Yup, mysterious forces is what it is.

PGA Profit also tipped up two others who finished in the places, and Weekly Golf Value broke even on the week with a couple placed too.

This can’t continue.  Can it?

Golf Insider (200pts bank): Staked 45pts, -11.475pts, roi -25.5%, roc -5.73%, High 14.95pts, CDD: -26.425pts, Max DD: -26.425pts

 PGA Profit (500): Staked 129.5pts, +166pts, roi 128.18%, roc 33.2%, High +166pts, CDD: 0pts, Max DD: -65pts

 Weekly Golf Value (1,000): 1,232pts, +1,003.15pts, roi 81.42%, roc 100.31%, High 1,093.5pts, CDD: -90.35pts, Max DD: -93.25pts.

Golf portfolio: ROI 74.46%, ROC 42.59%.

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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