Quick Update!

Really short of time tonight as have to pick up relatives from the airport.  No rest for the wicked and all that.

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, just a very quick update.

Not a great week, but nothing too catastrophic.  To be honest, there’s not been a huge amount to bet on due to the infernal interlull (©Arseblog) that brings the major European domestic leagues to a grinding halt just as they’re beginning to gather momentum.

The Bookie Bashing Football Coupons are going along very nicely indeed and came close to a big pay out from a coupon that had a 10/1 winner on it.  That wasn’t to be, but the ROI from these is currently looking pretty good.

Not  much joy elsewhere.

Also, have just placed a temporary halt on the Edwards Tips golf bets.  Work is hectic and I’m struggling for time is the only reason.  I will be recommencing with these at some point, don’t you worry.

Betting 2023-24

AI Football: Staked 92pts, -10.246pts, roi -11.13%, High: 1.865pts, DD: -12.111pts, Max DD: -12.355pts.

Any Time Goalscorer: Staked 116.1pts, -7.54pts, roi -6.49%, High: 11.935pts, DD: -19.475pts, Max DD: -24.546pts.

Bookie Bashing Football Coupons: Staked 58pts, +18.086pts, roi 31.18%, High: 18.086pts, DD: -0pts, Max DD: -8.692pts.

Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker/Weekly Golf Value: Staked 5,637pts, +621.38pts, roi 11.02%, High: 655.98pts, DD: -34.6pts, Max DD: -596.38pts

Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker (Lucky 15s): Staked 410pts, +42.362pts, roi 10.33%, High: 56.124pts, DD: -13.762pts, Max DD: -16.801pts.

Bookie Bashing Value Bets Tracker: Staked 222.4pts, +17.296pts, roi 7.77%, High: 49.971pts, DD: -32.675pts, Max DD: -32.675pts.

DD/HH: Staked 110.85pts, +6.75pts, roi 6.08%, High: 10.7pts, DD: -3.95pts, Max DD: -20.15pts.

NFL strategy: Staked 52.7pts, +4.906pts, roi 9.3%, High: 48.106pts, DD: -43.2pts, Max DD: -43.2pts

PGA Profit: Staked 340.5pts, +5.836pts, roi 1.71%, High: 84.858pts, DD: -79.022pts, Max DD: -97.076pts.

Sys Analyst: Staked 487.75pts, -10.85pts, roi -2.22%, High: 61.035pts, DD: -73.385pts, Max DD: -73.385pts.

Touchdown Profit: Staked 20pts, +4.919pts, roi 24.59%, High: 4.919pts, DD: -0pts, Max DD: -0.329pts

TOTAL ROI: 6.88%

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