It was another week, another winner for Joe and his golf betting.  Mathieu Pavon never looked like giving away the lead he went into the final round with and was one of the more comfortable golf winners.  I’m putting on half my stake with Joe now to take advantage of the place terms that the Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker seeks to find value, with the other half of my stake going on win-only on the Exchanges.

The approach to golf betting using the BB Tracker has altered slightly though.  Joe has his stake, I add my half stake to it, and this on golfers within certain odds ranges at certain EV levels when we put our bets on, which tends to be early Wednesday evenings.  We seek a 15-20% field coverage, and that usually means backing somewhere between 10 and 14/15 golfers.  For the Exchange win-only bets, I’m sticking currently to the Weekly Golf Value picks.

Anyway, Joe’s happy, and why wouldn’t he be?  Here are his personal figures after what has effectively been his first month (didn’t back anything during Ryder Cup week):

125 bets.

10 tournaments.

Outright Winners: 3

Placed: 14

ROI: 47.78%.

Bank growth (ROC): 40.1%

Not bad.  Not bad at all.  There hasn’t been a lot for him to do through Matchday Profits as Paul (the guy who runs it) has been on holiday.  That changed this weekend though, so I’ll be able to give a progress report here too, this time next week.

An update on my results on Wednesday.

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