January 2019

When I was younger, I’d hear my parents, grandparents, older Aunts and Uncles all say at different times, “I don’t know where the years go”.  At that time, when on the first day of any school summer holiday the next six weeks stretched ahead of you like the Sahara Desert with no end in sight, you’d not quite feel the same way.  Now though?  Bloomin’ ‘eck!  Just where do the years go?!?  2019?  Really?

The first couple of weeks of the new year were like a betting dream.  Profits seemed to come tumbling in like making money from the bookies was the easiest thing in the world.  But then reality staged something of a fight back and although the next two weeks saw a fair chunk of that profit given back, the month still ended with a respectable amount of bank growth to show for our efforts.

Here are some thoughts…

I’m still getting used to The Accountant.  You know I liken joining up to follow a tipping service a little bit (just a little) like finding a new partner.  There’s the initial excitement as in the first stages of your relationship everything you find out about each other is new and exciting.  However it’s inevitable that as those first days and maybe weeks pass, you notice little quirks you didn’t expect in your new love which take a little getting used to and possibly small allowances need to be made.  You’re still happy together but just the first couple of questions arise over whether you truly are soul mates or not.  Before too long, there’s going to be the first argument, the first real test and either you get over it and forge on together stronger than ever, or the first cracks that ultimately will doom the relationship will appear.  If the latter, then over time things may possibly develop into perhaps the longest and strongest of marriages.  Or the final outcome is a messy divorce.  Personally I’m lucky enough to say I’ve somehow managed to find myself in the first category, but perhaps that was inevitable when before she moved in with me she met my demand of pledging lifetime allegiance to The Arsenal.

Anyway, I digress.  This month The Accountant, whilst still within the ‘finding out about each other’ phase, dropped his maximum price for a lay and formally introduced his ‘Short’ lay advice to co-exist with the ‘Long’ lay advice given up to this point.  So, I think the signs are promising, but he’s not going to be leaving a toothbrush at my place just yet.  For the record, from the start of this month, I’m going to be following the short-priced lays too.

Talking of laying, it’s been a really poor spell – the worst I remember – for Football Lay Profits.  In my so far limited experience of laying, I must say that losers can be particularly frustrating to take and I’ve realised that laying involves a completely different mindset to backing.  So, the first real bump in the road in my road to happiness with FLP, and let’s hope for a better February.

However, all of this is really insignificant to the real star of 2019 so far, Racing Service 2.  Now here is a love story to endure throughout all the ages.  If RS2 wants to play Romeo, then I’m more than happy to be his Juliet. Good grief – 51.22% bank growth through January alone!  Obviously, such form simply cannot last, but let’s enjoy it whilst it does.  The man is a Mozart (or perhaps a Shakespeare would be more apt) of tipping – a true genius.  And yes, I know that by writing this I’m dooming RS2 to a winnerless drought during which three consecutive tips reach 1.01 in running and yet fail to win, but you know what? I don’t care, because whilst tipping like he has been, RS2 has made sweet, sweet music that I shall never forget.

Right then.  The figures.

Portfolio Performance for January

‘Main’ portfolio: ROI 8.4%, ROC 4.5%.

‘Starter’ (Football Lay Profits, The Accountant, Racing Service 2, Northern Monkey): ROI 17.85%, ROC 9.65%.

‘Broxchange’ (Football Lay Profits, Football Service 1, The Accountant, Golf Insider): ROI -15.74%, ROC -7.61%.

Individual Service Performance

The Accountant: Staked 41pts, -0.007pts, ROI -0.01%, ROC -0.01%.

Racing Service 1: Staked 20pts, +8.9pts, ROI 44.5%, ROC 8.9%.

Football Service 1: Staked 8pts, -5.89pts, ROI -73.62%, ROC -11.78%.

Football Lay Profits: Staked 121.17pts, -19.14pts, ROI -15.79%, ROC -9.57%.

Golf Insider: Staked 50.8pts, -23.926pts, ROI -47.09%, ROC -2.99%.

MVS (Lite): Staked 43pts, -1.84pts, ROI -4.27%, ROC -2.07%.

Northern Monkey: Staked 18.25pts, -3.348pts, ROI -18.83%, ROC -4.29%.

Football Service 2: Staked 24.5pts, +0.392pts, ROI 1.6%, ROC 0.98%.

Racing Service 2: Staked 17pts, +29.271pts, ROI 172.18%, ROC 51.22%.

Racing Service 3: Staked 65.25pts, +2.713pts, ROI 8.4%, ROC 4.5%.

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