Great Double Acts!

OK, hands up.  Who hates breaks in the football for internationals?  It is soooooooo tiresome.  If we could get rid of interlulls and VAR, the sporting world would be a much happier place.  Throw in John Terry, Teddy Sheringham, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s neck and goal celebration into the same sporting bin, well….we’d have close to Nirvana.

A decent week, last week.  ROI of 16.7% all told.

It was a good week for…

Sys Analyst.

It’s fair to say that Sys Analyst has been on a bit of a run.  A ‘mare, as some might describe it.  To the extent where (sensibly, I feel) the staking levels were decreased a little whilst we waited for the inevitable recovery.  Two winners from three bets on  Saturday meant a really good profit, and if I hadn’t been such a nob, it would have been an even better week, but more on that below.

Despite the recent poor spell, I’m so pleased to have been given the opportunity to sign up to Sys Analyst this year.  I’ve learnt that Allan oozes a zen-like calm in the face of a drawdown, and that’s what you want from someone you’re investing in.  No panic, but no sense of complacency either.  Just an acceptance that it’s all part of the game we play, that we’ve seen countless painful drawdowns before and will do so again in the future…but if we just do what we know works, and stay calm,  history tells us we’ll see the good times roll again.

Bookie Bashing Bet Tracker

The Value Bets I’ve been taking from the Bet Tracker have been on a right old tear up.  Looking at my figures, over the last three weeks, I’ve struck 39 bets, 21 of which have been winners (!), and the ROI over this period is running at 55%.  This isn’t going to last, but let’s just say that I think some of the cashiers in the shops I go to to get these bets down think I’ve been blessed.  It’s max stake of a £100 quid on these as they’re mainly BetFred boosted prices we’re taking, but there’s more than one BetFred on my round. (Ed.: why can’t I find a “winking” emoji on WordPress, goddammit?)

DD/HH Strategy

And talking of BetFred, all hail Dominic Solanke, a sure fire Ballon D’or winner of the future.  To see him score first when I’d backed him for DD/HH against a Newcastle team I’m beginning to get the hump with (since when has two hands on the back of the defender as you jump for a header not been a foul?  Not that I’m bitter!) was great, but to then see him double up with a second was both properly profitable and funny.  (btw, Kieran Trippier getting involved with the fans at the end – what was all that about?  Are the fans really giving them a hard time?!?  Basically Newcastle are flying, so two defeats seems a bit premature to be getting all angtsy, no?).

It was a poor week for…


No winner!?!  Not impressed…

Me, being a nob.

Managed to back the wrong Sys Analyst horse on Sunday.  Was on the mobile and fat fingers do from time to time what fat fingers do.  The Sys Analyst bet won.  Of course it did.


Last thing today, has everyone listened to the latest SBC podcast with Pete and  Josh?  I reckon the two of them are going to be the next Ant and Dec* (ie. two likeable chaps, but supporting the wrong teams).

But seriously, it’s a great listen, and if you haven’t yet, I strongly recommend you get it in your ears.

*or if you prefer: 

Morecambe & Wise?

The Two Ronnies?

The Krankies?

Rod and Emu? 


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