A Weekly Golf Value Winner and an account closure that defies belief (or doesn’t!)

Weekly Golf Value gave us Nicolai Hojgaard in the season ending DPWT World Tour Championship, and backed at 25/1 plus three others that placed meant that golf produced the goodies this week.  That I also had money on the Exchange at 34.0 meant Sunday evening drinks all round.  Lovely stuff.

Joe’s figures from using the Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker:

Bets: 239

Tournaments: 18

Winners: 6

Placed: 27

ROI: 60.49%.

Nice work if you can get it!

What isn’t working is his Betfair Sportsbook account.  After a grand total of five golf bets, of which none have  won and only one place, he could get only £2.50 each way on a 125/1 shot last week.  This was taken from the Tracker at a slightly different time to the release of the WGV bets (not long before) so it can’t have been suspicions raised from a load of people jumping on one particular golfer at the same time.

I find this beyond pathetic in an industry that shows how pathetic it can be only too often.  Must have been no more than five golf bets placed on the account, not at a big level of staking, and one placed.  And after that…restrictions?

I guess I’d kinda forgotten how quickly online bookmakers can restrict and close accounts, and perhaps if there had been a load of bets on horses starting at a shorter SP than price taken, or were backed the night before, or were placed each way in eight runner non-handicaps, I could get my head around it a bit more.  But five golf bets taken in strong markets and no sign of a big return, to small stakes?  Nah.  That’s just crap.

Interestingly though, they took a Lucky 15 no problem on Saturday.  Let’s see how long we can do that for.


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