Filling the void – things to do during lockdown.

So how are we all then?

Really hope you’re well, staying fit and healthy, and are coming to terms with being a miserable, unsociable old git!  Welcome to my life. 🙂

On a serious note, it’s good to see that people finally seem to be getting the ‘social distancing’ message.  I had to go to the supermarket today, and it was a completely different experience to how it was just three days before.  An orderly queue was formed at 2m intervals outside the store which was operating a strict one-in/one-out policy.  It was fairly easy once inside to keep a healthy distance from others, all staff were wearing gloves, and you know what?  There was actually stuff on the shelves.  Still no pasta or rice or pulses, but everything else was all there.  Oh, apart from the wine stock which had clearly been decimated.  Not sure what that tells us about us as a nation?  Probably best not to dwell.

As mentioned last week, I thought I’d mention some podcasts that are worth listening to and books that are worth reading to help pass the time whilst in lockdown or self-isolation.

Betting Podcasts

First up is the Pinnacle Sports podcast which is available via their website.  Under the ‘Betting Resources’ tab you’ll find podcasts and articles galore covering almost every sport you can think of.  Seriously, there’s a couple of day’s worth of reading material alone on there, addressing betting angles, probabilities, strategies, predictions, betting psychology and the rest.  Get stuck in – it’s all good stuff.  I still sigh wistfully when I think of the time when us UK bettors could use Pinnacle.  Happy days.

Another I listen to which although not specifically related to betting, I find really thought-provoking, is the StatsBomb podcast.  It’s a basic format of two gents chatting football but very much from a statistical viewpoint.  Ted Knutson, who is one half of the duo, used to be a professional gambler and comes from a predictive modelling background.  By listening clearly you can often discover potential betting angles by hearing about underrated and overrated teams.  Well worth a listen, and as I find out in the most recent pod, they both have a real interest in The Wire, which makes them alright by me!

Good Reading Material

As for reading material, one that has been strongly recommended to me is Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s ‘The Black Swan’, and ‘The Four Pillars of Investing’ by William Bernstein.  Reading the blurb on each, they look fascinating.  I notice too that both are available via Audible too, so no need to miss out even if unable to get hold of a hard copy in these strange times.

Finally, one article I would very strongly recommend is the SBC’s own piece on bookmakers and the level of protection they provide the funds we deposit with them.  We need to face up to the fact that what is happening now globally is going to have a massive negative impact on the world’s economy.  There will be many companies, some of them pretty big ones, which are going to find the going very, very tough.  Bookmakers will not be exempt from this, and who knows which are built on strong foundations that will enable them to weather the storm and which are not.  This is no time to be leaving funds with them – why would you? – you can’t bet on anything.  Some provide a much greater level of protection than others – read the guide to ensure you’re fully up to speed.

Right, that’s it for now.  It may well be that in the absence of any betting action that the Bet Diary takes a short break for a few weeks.  Stay safe, don’t go out unless you have to, and keep washing those hands.  🙂

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