Damp squib

Very little to write about.  Just in the process of updating figures but have now done so up until the end of November which you will see below.

Last week prior to the weekend really was something of a damp squib.  Just one Lucky 15 bet struck, and very little action elsewhere.  Weather hasn’t helped.  The weekend was more interesting and so I’ll post again tomorrow to bring you completely up to date.

AI Football: Staked 1,348pts, -206.47pts, ROI: -15.31%, ROC: -20.64%

Bookie Bashing Football Coupons: Staked 3,622.50pts, +144.81pts, ROI: 3.99%, ROC 9.65%

Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker/Weekly Golf Value: Staked 7,312pts, +1,089.99pts, ROI: 14.9%, ROC: 54.49%

Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker (Lucky 15s): Staked 7,170pts, +983.06pts, ROI: 13.71%, ROC: 65.53%.

Bookie Bashing Value Bets Tracker: Staked 3,841pts, +389.36pts, ROI: 10.13%, ROC: 19.46%

DD/HH: Staked 1,365.5pts, +383pts, ROI: 28.04%, ROC: 38.3%.

NFL strategy: Staked 927pts, -245.94pts, ROI: -26.53%, ROC: -24.59%

Sys Analyst: Staked 5,583pts, -143.5pts, ROI:-2.57%, ROC: -7.17%

Touchdown Profit: Staked 720pts, +204.77pts, ROI: 31.99%, ROC: 20.47%

TOTAL ROI: 8.33%

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