A chip off the old block.

Regular readers of the Bet Diary will have seen one or two references to my son, a 20 year old student facing typical student problems.  That is, not having enough money.  He’s obviously been aware of my betting and realised that with a new address by his name, there is nothing stopping him from opening a set of his own bookmaker accounts.

Scrabbling together the beginnings of a betting bank by doing some ‘out of hours’ shifts at the local supermarket, and adding these funds to those he generated by matched betting when opening those accounts, this last week has seen him begin his own betting venture.

This has all piqued my interest.  I’m sure many of you will have read about, and listened to a couple of SBC podcasts recorded by Pete, Josh and myself, that talk about the five stages of betting and how strategies and approaches shift as you progress through each.  Typical of my lad, he’s decided he wants to do things a little differently, but after reading around the subject and doing some independently-minded thinking (he’s never listened to his Dad and he ain’t going to start now), he’s settled upon a strategy to get him going.  He’s going to concentrate on golf, but also target some of the bigger televised footie matches to place what appear to be “mug” bets in an attempt to add longevity to his accounts.  I can’t really argue with that.

I thought I might report back on a regular basis, because there will be others I’m sure, who are in Joe’s shoes and just starting out on their betting venture.  Either way, I’m fascinated to see what transpires, how he develops and grows his betting interests over time, and who he uses.  I’ll also post up his results regularly too.

As for my own betting, it’s been a very good week, but much more about that in Wednesday’s results post.

See you then.

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