Why betting is such a good investment*: Part I

*If done properly!

Betting is a great way of investing money, but that short sentence above in italics is an extremely important proviso.  I don’t personally know of a better investment vehicle than betting but only if executed properly, in a way that minimises risk and maximises potential returns.

Sure, betting carries risk.  But then so does any “investment”.  I guess sticking your hard earned in the bank or building society will absolutely minimise the risk that your funds are exposed to, but even then, as the collapse of the banking system during the Credit Crunch of 2007-08 showed, your money is never 100% secure.  More to the point, by setting up a sensible and well thought out betting operation, not only can you reduce your risk profile, but you also remain in complete control of your money.  As soon as you invest in investment funds such as ISAs or higher risk hedge funds, property, bonds, precious metals, vintage wines or anything else that has the potential to provide a return, you become exposed to the will of other people (Fund Managers) or market forces.  What’s more, in areas such as property, you may find it difficult to withdraw your funds from your investment with any haste and can easily find your capital tied up.  Not so with betting.

Let me make 100% clear, I am NOT recommending you ignore all these other investment vehicles completely and instead plough every spare penny into forming a betting bank.  No.  As we will come to see with setting up a well balanced portfolio of tipsters to follow, diversification is key.  Spreading your risk and investments is vitally important.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a favourite mode of investment, does it?

So let’s begin to look at why betting is my favourite way of investing money (but not my only one!)…

Well, we’ve already mentioned the fact that I am in control of my betting, and my funds aren’t at the disposal of someone I don’t know and never will.

I guess the biggest benefit is that the potential returns are so good.  For a strong, well-balanced portfolio of tipsters, returns should see annual bank growth of somewhere between 60 and 120%.  What other investment can comfortably double your money in the space of a year?  So £1,000 in a betting bank can easily become £2,000 in twelve months (some achieve far greater annual returns than this), whereas £1,000 stuck in a savings account offering a 5% interest rate will become £1,050.  Some difference, eh?

What I would say is that your realistically annual returns do depend on certain circumstances and not just on the performance of the tipsters you follow.  This is worth bearing in mind as you set up your operation – set it up properly and carefully; plan for the future whilst acting in the present.  Your returns will be greater all the time you have access to Best Odds Guaranteed concessions on your bookmaker accounts, access to a large number of bookmaker accounts that are unrestricted, etc.  So it’s worth right from the very start, setting yourself up in such a way that you maximise the lifespan of these accounts (which is something we’ll explore in this blog a little further down the line).

Another advantage betting has over other forms of investment, in the UK anyway, is that all returns are tax exempt.  As your betting operation grows, this can be a huge positive, worth £ooos a year.  And that brings in yet another positive – it is so easy to reinvest your money as you make a profit.  The process of reinvestment is rapid – stakes can be raised literally overnight – and this cumulative snowball effect can be used to your advantage, making a higher bottom line profit whilst keeping your exposure to risk exactly as it has always been.

And finally for now, it’s worth bearing in mind that you don’t need years of experience to form a strong, high performing betting portfolio.  Sure, you need to demonstrate certain skills and you need to train yourself to become a good bettor, but you don’t need a university degree or vocational qualifications.  What’s more, you can get ample help and guidance from the Smart Betting Club! 🙂

Believe it or not, there are plenty of other reasons why betting is a great way of investing money.  I’ll go into these in my next post.


November’s betting to date

Of course, after extolling the virtues of betting, I now have to report on a losing start to November!  Typical!

The overall situation isn’t so bad, and the last few days’ betting have been much improved on what came before, so hopefully we’re about to enter a good period.

The SBC’s Jason James service is the top performer in November to date, and another strong week means that the ROI for the month is running at a staggering (and unsustainable) 64.4%!  Other than that though, strong performers are not so much a little thin on the ground as non-existent!

Northern Monkey has had a horror month so far, down -65.7% ROI, but form is temporary, class permanent and all that.  All in all, of 12 services in the portfolio, only five are in profit, and two of those only marginally so.

Here are the figures:

Chasemaster: Staked 8pts, -4.25pts.

Jason James: Staked 30.5pts, +19.65pts.

Morning Value Service (Doubles): Staked 14pts, -11pts.

Morning Value Service (Lite): Staked 22pts, -1.5pts.

Northern Monkey: Staked 19.5pts, -12.825pts

Racing Service A: Staked 4.75pts, +1pt.

Racing Service B: Staked 29.5pts, -6.1pts.

Combo Horse Racing System: Staked 3pts, +1pt.

Football Service A: Staked 2pts, +2.28pts.

Football Service B: Staked 3pts, +0.1pt.

Football Service C: Staked 4pts, -2.5pts.

Pinpoint Golf: Staked 43.25pts, -5.84pts.

Until next week…

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