What’s black and white and red all over?

No, not a sunburnt penguin!  Nor a newspaper.  Nor an embarrassed nun.

My results sheet.

The black and white bit is the binary nature of my weekend’s bets.  They all (or very nearly all) bloomin’ lost.  There are no shades of grey in this performance.  It’s very black and white.  And crap.

On my results sheet that I update four or five times a week, I use three colours for each of the strategies and tipping services I use.  Green is the nice colour, the one that generates fuzzy feelings of warmth and pleasure, for I use green when at a profit high.  Green signifies new peaks, and forging ahead into new realms of profiteering.

Red is the opposite, for this is the danger colour used when a new low has been hit. The deepest drawdown seen, the worst losing run…you get the picture.

The third “colour” is plain old black, and this is the colour that generally predominates, for black shows that the service’s current profit and loss figure lies somewhere between the lowest low and the highest high.

Currently, every, single, flaming, line is red.  Every line.

I appreciate the 2023-2024 betting year is only just over two weeks in and as a result we’re seeing red and green appear and disappear at a rate you might expect from a faulty set of traffic lights, but you know, I don’t think I’ve ever had this before.  Even when enduring the most trying of times, at least one tentacle of the betting portfolio is at least showing black.

Not right now.  Not after that disaster of a weekend.  Not even Erling Haaland could pull it out of the bag for me with my rather big bet on him for the DD/HH strategy.  Git!

Well, I suppose things really can only get better from here.  Can’t they?

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