Week 3 Results

Racing: roi -72.99%.

Golf: roi -4.18%.  And right there is the difference in place returns between using the bookies (where Weekly Golf Value turned a profit on the week), and the Exchanges (which produced a loss).  Having had time to think now, I’m radically altering my strategy, and you can read more on that in Wednesday’s post.

Value Bets: roi -30.7%.

Football Coupons: roi 4.3%.

Combo Bets: roi -100%.  Probably the last Combo bet I place, bearing in mind the account is caput.  Just one bet, and my feeling is it could take ten years of placing “mug” bets before the account rises from the dead.

NFL: n/a

DD/HH: roi 324.1%.  Erling Haaland scoring  hat trick meant the week overall, for the third time running this year, generated a profit overall.  As a born and bred Gooner, shame he didn’t put City 1-0 up, go on to score a hat trick only for Wolves to win 4-3, but never mind.

PGA Profit: roi -100% (win-only betting).

Edwards Tips: n/a – have spent this past week working out a staking strategy.  In the interests of neatness, I’m now going to start backing these from 1st February.

Total ROI: 16.34%, ROC 3.8%.

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