Two common questions.

There are two questions that I  am perennially asked when Spring comes around.  The improved weather (ha!) makes people think about holidays, and that in turn makes bettors wonder what they should do in terms of following their tipsters whilst away on their jollies.  The second question comes from folk following football tipsters – should I back the bets as normal, even though at this stage of the season some teams I’m backing have nothing to play for?

In short, my answers to each are:

  1. Take a break for heaven’s sake, when you’re away.  Forget completely about betting, logging in to get the tips, getting the odds and all the other hassles involved.  You need a break – take it!  A week or two’s betting really is nothing in the greater, long term context – and it will stop your wife/partner/kids being irritated with you at a time when you’re supposed to be enjoying each other’s company.  Oh, and one other thing – don’t go checking results when you get home.  If you’ve missed a few good winners it will make you feel depressed, and what can you do about it anyway? Nothing, that’s what.
  2. Back whatever your tipster tells you to back!  Don’t go complicating things.  Just carry on as normal.  Over the years, I’ve noticed that some years results at the back end of the season are good, in other years not so good.  A bit like the beginning of the season, or the middle part of the season, or any other part of the season you can think of!  If you pay to follow a good tipster, then follow him.  As soon as you start getting too selective, you’re at risk of entering a whole world of pain.  What’s the most likely thing you’ll do if you ignore a tip at odds of say 3/1 or more on the footie, which proves to be a winner you’ve missed because you didn’t think the team you were supposed to back were going to be up for it?  I’ll tell you, shall I?  You’ll decide you were daft and back the next big-priced tip that your man gives you the following week…and of course Sod’s Law will dictate that with your money down, the bet will lose.  Far, far easier to just carry on backing each and every selection in the way you normally do. Take it from one who has made all the mistakes and felt all the pain!

Betting for April to date:

Poor figures so far, but we need to bear in mind that I missed nine days of betting due to the lurgy!

AH Edge: Staked 10pts, -0.58pts.

Football Service 1: Staked 1pt, -1pt.

Jason James: Staked 16.5pts, -10pts.

MVS (Lite): Staked 5pts, -1.5pts.

MVS (Multiples): Staked 5pts, -1.5pts.

Northern Monkey: Staked 17.5pts, -1.162pts.

Pilelist Racing: Staked 7.833pts, +5.841pts.

Racing Service A: Staked 10pts, +3pts.

Racing Service B: Staked 33.5pts, -20.5pts.

Racing Service C: Staked 21pts, -3.75pts.

Total: ROI -12.05%, ROC -1.42%.

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