The Bet Diary run down for 2024, get the latest SBC podcast into your ears, and (possibly) leaving my wife for a tipster!

Everything is in place.  Here is what we’ll be betting on in here through 2024:

Bookie Bashing Early Pay Out Tracker (Lucky 15s)

Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker

Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker (Lucky 15s)

Bookie Bashing Value Bets Tracker

Double Delight/Hat Trick Heaven strategy

NFL Half Time + Half Time/Full Time strategy

Sys Analyst

Touchdown Profit

In addition, Joe is going to do the £1k/2.5% stake “growth plan” with AI Football, and I’ll post exactly where we’re up to with this each week.

Some thoughts…

Overall, I’ve had to be aware of the time I have to hand, and when I can bet.  This means there are plenty of exceptionally strong tipsters and services out there, fully reviewed by the Smart Betting Club, and which carry our full confidence that in an ideal world I would love to follow, but which in reality I would struggle to do so.  As ever therefore, this Bet Diary mustn’t ever be viewed as a prescriptive way to make money from betting.  It’s just the chronicling of one person’s attempt to do so, in a way that suits him (or them, I suppose, this year).  You do it your way.

Tremendously excited although I can see issues arising down the line.  Few of these will likely be new to anyone.  We’re talking about account closures and ability to get on, but as we all know, that’s all just part of the game nowadays.  But the fact I still get excited at the prospect of a new year’s betting tells me the fire hasn’t and isn’t going out.  It’s still all good fun, and surely that’s exactly how it should be.

A couple of things to round off this week’s posts.

Firstly, please do follow the picks for each week’s golf tournaments this month, put up by myself, Pete and Josh representing the SBC, and Tom of Bookie Bashing.  Keep an eye out on ‘X’ (@SBCinfo) for that, and if you haven’t yet listened to the SBC Podcast we did on golf betting (and if not, why not!!!???), then do.  Capisce?

And finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention Touchdown Profit’s remarkable tipping record this NFL season.  The man is on fire, and after going 4-0 for winning picks over the last two weeks of December and flying along at an incredible 20%+ ROI for the season to date (which is truly remarkable bearing in mind the nature of the markets he’s tipping into), I think if he asked me to at this point, I’d probably leave my wife for him.



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