Sys Analyst – how exciting!

Last week, SBC members will have received details and a re-review of the horse racing service, Sys Analyst.  If this service were a racehorse, it would be an extremely well-bred thoroughbred.  I dunno, Dad = Frankel, Mum = Miesque (one for the oldies there!) or something.

Anyway, you get the message.  Allan, the service operator, is very shrewd and has proven his ability to significantly beat the markets for many years now.  Allan’s expertise aligned with his horse racing program has allowed Sys Analyst members to profit hugely at the expenses of the bookmakers.

Not only that, but we know Allan is scrupulously honest and takes pride in providing a truly professional service for his subscribers.  So in short, I am absolutely delighted to be able to say that moving forward, Sys Analyst will be a part of the Bet Diary portfolio.

In my post last week, I wrote of a chap who had passed on some kindly advice when it came to using the Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker.  In a nutshell, he felt that I wasn’t really giving it the best shot at being successful as I needed to up the number of Lucky 15s I was putting down.  He was right.  And what I see in Sys Analyst is another opportunity to raise my betting volume to the levels I would really like it to be at.

What is fantastic for someone such as myself, who can no longer get a bet on with an online bookmaker, is that thanks to the work done by Allan and the analysis presented by our Pete in the recently published Sys Analyst re-review, is that this is a service that can work very effectively via the Exchanges.  That to me, as you can imagine, is manna from heaven.

Just like any tipping service, there will be losing runs.  Of course there will.  But the (very) long term track record is excellent, both in terms of ROI and bank growth.  To say I’m excited is something of an understatement!

Until Wednesday…


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