SPORTS: Two bets…

…one of which won, and one of which lost.  Kind of sums up the Sports portfolio during what is undoubtedly the quietest time of the year.

The new football season is creeping closer.  It feels like it should be ages away, but with the World Cup interrupting the season in December, the European leagues are starting earlier than usual.  A number of Premier League clubs started back at pre-season training on Monday!  When that happens, and when the new NFL season starts late summer, then things will start to pick up again. Until then though, it’s going to be quiet.

The winner was for On The Oche which sets a new high water mark for the year.  The loser for The Poacher which sets a new low mark for the year.  I’m now in negative territory with the latter which clearly isn’t great, but I’m not worried or losing faith.  Not at this stage – the drop from high to low remains less than 25% of the bank.  My feelings are that this is simply a disappointing spell that will be put behind us.  One thing I do know is that The Poacher himself will be working hard to bring back the good times.

On The Oche (30pt bank): Staked 47.5pts, +7.64pts, roi 16.08%, roc 25.46%, High 7.64pts, DD 0pts, Max DD -2.05pts

The Poacher (40): Staked 140.5pts, -0.469pts, roi -0.33%, roc -1.17%, High 6.606pts, DD -7.075pts, Max DD -7.075pts

Touchdown Profit (50): Staked 11pts, +0.39pts, roi 3.54%, roc 0.78%, High 0.66pts, DD -0.27pts, Max DD -4pts

Sports Totals: ROI 4.27%, ROC 7.34%


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