SPORTS: The profit keeps creeping up.

Creeping is the right word.  I mentioned last week that Sports Service 1 was doing what is asked of it, ticking away, accumulating profit quietly but confidently.  And that’s what it did again last week at the World Grand Prix.  A little under a couple of points profit for the week means that it pushes to yet another high profit mark for the year, and the ROI stands at an excellent 26.6%.  With a fair wind all the way down to the end of the year, and a strong performance at the World Championships over the Christmas period, and you never know, we might get up to that 50% ROC figures for the year, and that would be fantastic.

Overall though the Sports portfolio made just a few bob on the week as the profit from SS1 was effectively wiped out by an equivalent loss from The Poacher.  There were no bets from Scottish Football Income Booster.

Sports Service 1 (30pt bank): Staked 34.25pts, +9.132pts, roi 26.66%, roc 30.44%, High: 9.132pts, CDD: 0pts, Max DD: -2.743pts.

Sports Service 2 (40): Staked 64pts, -4.934pts, roi -7.7%, roc -12.33%, High 0pts, CDD: -4.934pts, Max DD: -6.734pts.

Scottish Football Income Booster (100): Staked 119pts, -18.837pts, roi -15.82%, roc -18.83%, High: 4.394pts, CDD: -23.231pts, Max DD: -23.231pts.

The Poacher (40): Staked 320pts, +18.947pts, roi 5.92%, roc 47.36%, High: 24.07pts, CDD: -5.123pts, Max DD: -9.645pts

Sports Totals: ROI 3.68%, ROC 10.89%

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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