SPORTS: Doom and gloom.

NOT, a good week for the Sports portfolio, and to be honest, I’m finding this sector of my betting pretty tough going at the moment.  Undoubtedly I’m going to have to take a long hard look at things for next year.  I know it’s only September, and we have a quarter of the year for things to turn around, but I feel as if I have failed to get the balance right and that is something that is going to need remedying.

At one stage last week it looked as if Sports Service 1 might have a wipe out from their bets with R. saying:

“Rough run we are on right now. Typical – finally get back after a long break and then hit a nasty losing run straight out the gate to drain enthusiasm!”

To be fair I’m still running at 20% ROI for the year although bank growth isn’t great, but I knew that was the nature of this service and therefore still feel positive about it and appreciate that the role it plays in the grand scheme of things is being fulfilled.

A poor week for Scottish Football Income Booster sees my current drawdown reach a new low point for the year.  I’m aware I missed a decent week recently, but I found this past weekend’s results disheartening, I must admit.  I said a few months ago that I needed to see a strong start to the new football season, and that hasn’t materialised.

A break even week for The Poacher.

Sports Service 1 (30pt bank): Staked 23.75pts, +4.752pts, roi 20%, roc 15.84%, High: 7.295pts, CDD: -2.543pts, Max DD: -2.543pts.

Sports Service 2 (40): Staked 64pts, -4.934pts, roi -7.7%, roc -12.33%, High 0pts, CDD: -4.934pts, Max DD: -6.734pts.

Scottish Football Income Booster (100): Staked 99pts, -15.487pts, roi -15.64%, roc -15.48%, High: 4.394pts, CDD: -19.881pts, Max DD: -19.881pts.

The Poacher (40): Staked 277.5pts, +14.275pts, roi 5.14%, roc 35.68%, High: 19.068pts, CDD: -4.793pts, Max DD: -9.645pts

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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