SPORTS: All going swimmingly!

Nope, I’ve not found a top quality tipster who has a great record on his picks over the mens’ 200m butterfly or womens’ freestyle.  Rather, the Sports services (both of them) are sailing along without a care in the world.  A nice breeze, full sail, calm seas.  All looks good.

Sports Service 1 picked up close to a couple of points of profit over the weekend, and The Poacher has found a nicely steady stream of winners to leave both services at a new high watermark for the year to date.  Clearly, things can change very quickly but already the bank growth levels for Sports services is rivalling those figures we hit over the whole of 2021.  I appreciate we’re talking short term and this could well be simple positive variance, but as things stand, I really can’t complain.

Sports Service 1 (30pt bank): Staked 9.5pts, +3.05pts, roi 32.1%, roc 10.16%, High 3.05pts, DD -1pt, Max DD -1pt

The Poacher (40): Staked 57.5pts, +5.8pts, roi 10.08%, roc 14.5%, High 5.8pts, DD -0pts, Max DD -4.061pts

Touchdown Profit (50): Staked 9pts, +0.66pts, roi 7.33%, roc 1.32%, High 0.66pts, DD 0pts, Max DD -4pts

Sports Totals: ROI 12.72%, ROC 8.32%.

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