September’s Betting Review

And so another month whizzes by.  Seriously, where the heck has this year gone?!?  It’s frightening how quickly the months and weeks pass.

September is notable for the fact the return of football betting following the summer break.  As was the case last season, I’m following Football Service 1 through 2017/18.  However, in what is a general expansion of the portfolio, I will be introducing another football service into proceedings.  More detail on that and another couple of additions very soon.

September’s betting returned a solid enough 10.23% ROI, and bank growth of 4.49%.  Five of the seven services to issue bets returned a profit.

It gives me great pleasure to write that the most lucrative service to follow last month was Racing Service B.  I was having lunch and a beer with a couple of betting friends last week when the subject of this tipster’s approach to the game came up in conversation.  It was fascinating to hear the thoughts of another experienced bettor on the Irish tipster’s prowess.  My friend felt that via the various conversations he had enjoyed with this tipster over a period of time, the one thing that came through very strongly was that his intimate knowledge of horse racing and his “feel” (or understanding) for the sport provides him with a genuine edge over the bookmaker.

Of course I have bemoaned on these very pages a lack of progress up the Racing Service B P&L chart in the recent past, and it was good to have my confidence and faith in it reaffirmed by my friend’s thoughts.  It has been good too, for that reaffirmation to be firmly cemented by what has been a cracking month – 46.85pts profit at an ROI of 56.1%, or, put another way, bank growth of 23.4%!  Long may this form continue.

A positive mention too for Northern Monkey who both managed to squeeze in a well-deserved holiday and squeeze out a pretty healthy profit of 10.048pts at an ROI of 12.5% and ROC of 12.56%.  It’s been a frustrating summer for Wayne with a number of near misses.  Had the betting Gods smiled a little more favourably the summer months would have been lucrative ones for NMP members, but I guess them’s the breaks!

Here are the figures…

Chasemaster: Staked 19pts, +4.76pts, ROI 25.08%, ROC 4.76%.

Jason James: Staked 106.5pts, +15.65pts, ROI 14.9%, ROC 7.82%.

Morning Value Lite: Staked 52pts, +1.5pts, ROI 2.88%, ROC 1.5%.

Northern Monkey: Staked 80.25pts, +10.048pts, ROI 12.52%, ROC 12.56%.

Racing Service B: Staked 83.5pts, +46.85pts, ROI 56.1%, ROC 23.42%.

Pinpoint Golf: Staked 133.8pts, -47.207pts, ROI -35.28%, ROC -9.44%.

Football Service 1: Staked 13pts, -3.764pts, ROI -28.95%, ROC -7.52%.

So, next time, news of some changes.  Tune in shortly…

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