RACING: What do we want? Warmer weather! When do we want it? Now!

Things are ticking over in the racing ranks but it is hard not to feel frustrated at the lack of decent racing taking place at the moment.  The weather obliterated the decent cards over the weekend and it left very little for Bet Alchemist to get its teeth into, and rendered Racing Service 1 without a bet at all.

You’ve probably got bored of me moaning about the lack of quality in the daily cards over the past couple of weeks or so.  The fact is, the standard fare being served up at the moment doesn’t lend itself to finding value and identifying horses that a tipster is likely to be very confident about.  It’s the main reason why Northern Monkey tends to scale back his involvement and lower his stakes at this time of year before ramping everything up again once the turf season starts in late-March.   I’m certainly no tipster, and the idea of me finding winners and value is laughable, but even with my untrained eye when I see cards of NH Flat races, I’m thinking that it’s all a bit desperate.

So, with all this in mind, perhaps “ticking over” at a current ROI of 6.25% is something not to be sniffed at in any way.  It looks like the weather has taken a step in a warmer direction at the start of this week so hopefully we’ll soon see a return to an acceptable amount of at least semi-decent racing very quickly.  Roll on that, and roll on Cheltenham.  We’re only a month away now, folks…

Bet Alchemist (100pts):Staked 33pts, -4.351pts, roi -13.18%, roc -4.35%, High: 1.15pts, CDD: -5.501pts, Max DD: -8.438pts.

Northern Monkey Punter (100): Staked 51.325pts, -10.394pts, roi -20.25%, roc -10.39%, High: 1.687pts, CDD: -12.081pts, Max DD: -13.548pts

Precision Value (200):  Staked 91pts, +2.114pts, roi 2.32%, roc 1.05%, High: 4.781pts, CDD: -2.667pts, Max DD: -15.444pts.

Racing Service 1 (50): Staked 6.5pts, +11.25pts, roi 173.07%, roc 22.5%, High: 11.25pts, CDD: 0pts, Max DD: -1.5pts.

Racing Portfolio: ROI 6.25%, ROC 2.2%.

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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