RACING: Liking what I see from the Bookiebashing Racing Tracker

I wrote last week about how excited I am to be using the Bookiebashing Racing Tracker, and to date, it hasn’t disappointed.  I used the first few days getting used to the software and reading all about the service on their website, and then started placing Lucky 15s over the weekend.

I can see immediately the potential for the occasional big win that will boost the coffers massively, and also how there may well be fairly lengthy spells of losing.  The best I’ve had in the eight Lucky 15s I’ve placed is a winner and two placed – get a couple of winners and a couple of places and things will look rosy indeed.  My gut feeling is that it will always be a matter of time and until that time arises, we just need to be patient.  As it is, I’m running at a pretty decent ROI, but the sample is tiny.

The other thought that has crossed my mind is that there will be some days when there’ll be a fair old number of bets being placed, and others (probably quiet midweek days) when there won’t be too much action at all.

All told though, and I very much like what I see.

Elsewhere and I’m afraid the past week has been a very poor one for Bet Alchemist, which is simply yet to hit its straps this year, and Northern Monkey.  A number of attempts at rolling up some multiples has cost us a few points, but we’ve seen in the past just how lucrative this approach can be.

Another quiet week for Racing Service 1 but one which produced a 5/2 winner.

Racing Totals: ROI -25.4%, ROC -8.69%.

Bet Alchemist (100pt bank): Staked 39pts, -24.338pts, roi -62.4%, roc -24.33%, High 0pts, DD -24.338pts, Max DD -24.338pts

Northern Monkey (80): Staked 56.75pts, -17.005pts, roi -29.96%, roc -21.25%, High 0pts, DD -17.005pts, Max DD -17.005pts

Racing Service 1 (40): Staked 7pts, +0.96pts, roi 13.71%, roc 2.4%, High 1.21pts, DD -0.25pts, Max DD -2pts

BB Racing Tracker (80): Staked 7.5pts, +6.745pts, roi 89.93%, roc 8.43%, High 6.745pts, DD 0pts, Max DD 0pts

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