RACING: Concerns.

It’s been a rotten run for Precision Value.  Plenty of horses finishing in the frame it feels, but that’s not much good when you’re backing win only.  After another poor week, the drawdown for 2021 has reached a comfortably new deep point, and more the issue, the profit for the year stands at just 0.44 points!  That’s a lot of bets (803 to be precise) to stand still for.

I emphasise these are my figures.  As you know, I’ve not backed every bet.  So some of you who also follow the service may be doing better than I am, and some may be doing worse.  Either way, it is easy to get disheartened when you see things go south over what can now be described as an extended period of time.

It would be wrong to say I have no concerns, but being completely honest, I’m not that concerned.  The drawdown still represents only just over a quarter of the bank, and let’s face it, the tips come from a source long since proven as profitable.  I reckon it’s just one of those things, and I’m nowhere near ready to quit the service.  Nope, I’m happy to plough on.  There are times when that is simply what we do, and one of those times is now.

Bet Alchemist (100pt bank): Staked 405pts, +67.665pts, roi 16.7%, roc 67.66%, High: 67.66pts, CDD: 0pts, Max DD: -25.65pts.

Northern Monkey Punter (100): Staked 510.6pts, +175.772pts, roi 34.42%, roc 175.77%, High: 200.604pts, CDD: -24.832pts, Max DD: -27.028pts

Precision Value (200):  Staked 803pts, +0.44pts, roi 0.05%, roc 0.22%, High: 55.986pts, CDD: -55.546pts, Max DD: -55.546pts.

Racing Service 1 (50/): Staked 29.5pts, +6.312pts, roi 21.39%, roc 12.62%, High: 12.312pts, CDD: -6pts, Max DD: -8pts.

Racing Totals: ROI 18.62%, ROC 64.07%

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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