RACING: As one rises, another one falls.

Precision Value continues on its recovery, gaining an uptick of over ten points last week.  It’s now almost 20 points ahead of its lowest point and is now back in positive territory for the year.  Hurrah!

I know that seems like I’m setting a pretty low bar for a (mini) celebration.  I’m not celebrating.  Just would rather end the year in the black with a tipster than in the red, for psychological reasons if for nothing else.

On the flip side of the coin, poor old Racing Service 1 has sunk into negative territory for the calendar year after another unsuccessful weekend.  Am I worried?  No, not unduly.  A. sent out an email to his membership base this week giving his perspective, and as always, spoke a lot of sense.  I for one, have every faith things will turn around.  The thing with betting though of course, is you just don’t know when the recovery is going to start.  When Precision Value was dropping like a stone, there was absolutely nothing to suggest the bounce back would start when it did.  How could there be?

All we can do, is keep putting on the bets as they come, and believe there will be a turnaround until a. there is, or b. you have reason to lose faith (whether that be after a set period of time, a set period of bets, you lose your betting bank, you lose a certain part of your betting bank, or whatever factor you choose to use to decide enough is enough).  As far as Racing Service 1 is concerned, I’m a heck of a long way from being anywhere near that point!

Bet Alchemist (100pt bank): Staked 478pts, +71.996pts, roi 15.05%, roc 71.99%, High: 71.996pts, CDD: 0pts, Max DD: -25.65pts.

Northern Monkey (100): Staked 568.1pts, +164.118pts, roi 28.88%, roc 164.11%, High: 200.604pts, CDD: -36.486pts, Max DD: -40.22pts

Precision Value (200):  Staked 977pts, +8.099pts, roi 0.82%, roc 4.04%, High: 55.986pts, CDD: -47.887pts, Max DD: -66.433pts.

Racing Service 1 (50): Staked 44pts, -2.188pts, roi -4.97%, roc -4.37%, High: 12.312pts, CDD: -14.5pts, Max DD: -14.5pts.

Racing Totals: ROI 14.53%, ROC 58.94%

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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