RACING: All change, but same old same old for the Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker

Right, listen up.  Things are changing ’round these parts.  We either adapt or die, right?  And given a choice, I’m going to take adapt every time.

As you would have read had you tuned in for last week’s Bet Diary post, I’m running out of bookmakers.  In fact, there is only one I can now use.  We all know that online bookmaker accounts are unsustainable over the long term, but I’ve now (almost) run out of options.  I have to accept that in the very near future, betting online will not be an option for me.

This causes a problem, of course.  I have a full time job.  Although my kids are older – one has left home already to go and waste tax payers money at university (waster!) – my daughter remains time intensive. Lifts to work in the late afternoon after school, lifts to and from her boyfriend’s (although what am I doing, the lad can drive!?!), making sure she’s doing the work she needs to do to ensure she can follow her brother’s footsteps in wasting tax payers money next year…it all consumes that most precious commodity – time.

In short, I need to fit my betting around a lot of other things.  And it needs to be in cash in the shops.

So, and I’m really sad to say this, my days of following the likes of Bet Alchemist, Northern Monkey and the rest are, for now at least, over.  I can’t get to a bookies until lunchtime.  I can’t watch maturing Exchange markets to look for odds I can take on tips there.

Here’s what’s going to happen.  Each Wednesday I’m going to write about my experiences at the shops, betting using cash.  The types of bet I’m taking, and why.  The challenges, the laughs, the results.

If you’ve been reading the Bet Diary for any length of time, it will come as no surprise to you to read that I’ll be using Bookie Bashing for most of these bets.  Lucky 15s, Football Coupons, Value Bets and more.  It’s going to be a journey, and I hope by coming on it with me, we might learn a few things.

Talking of Bookie Bashing, just a 40 point winning Lucky 15 on Saturday, with three good winners.  I’ll be updating the figures and writing more about this next week, but the Racing Tracker continues to shine for me.  It’s funny too, but from all the Lucky 15s I placed last week, and since Saturday, I’ve barely had a horse place.  And yet one bet, three winners, and a very handsome overall profit.  It’s a funny old game.

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