RACING: A quiet week, but ticking along nicely.

With no Bet Alchemist tips not on the Saturday, and with the quality of racing not that great through the week, it’s been pretty quiet over the last few days.

Northern Monkey consolidated recent gains and ended the week more or less level, and a nice, if not spectacular Bookiebashing Racing Tracker Lucky 15 on Sunday meant a bit more profit there.  Sadly, and the news of the week really, was my first lost bookmaker account as a result of the success I’ve enjoyed recently with the Tracker.  Of course, it may have been a cumulative thing and not this that made the “traders” review the account, but I’ve a sneaky suspicion it was.

We all know that like life itself, our accounts are destined to die (ie. be closed/heavily restricted) from the moment we open them.

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes, and BetFred  closing your account at the earliest opportunity” – Benjamin Franklin, 1789.

Bet Alchemist (100pt bank): Staked 147pts, -12.43pts, roi -8.45%, roc -12.43%, High 0pts, DD -12.43pts, Max DD -24.338pts

Northern Monkey (80): Staked 264.375pts, -16.736pts, roi -6.33%, roc -20.92%, High 0pts, DD -16.736pts, Max DD -45.043pts

The Value Bettor (40): Staked 9.75pts, +1.46pts, roi 14.97%, roc 3.65%, High 2.71pts, DD -1.25pts, Max DD -2pts

BB Racing Tracker (100): Staked 275pts, +336.12pts, roi 122.22%, roc 336.12%, High 0pts, DD 0pts, Max DD -13.388pts

Racing Totals: ROI 46.21%, ROC 97.61%.

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