RACING: A new profit high.

Another good week for Northern Monkey and Precision Value pushes the racing portfolio to a new high, for the second consecutive week.  Not by much when we account for the losses of Bet Alchemist but any amount of movement in an upwards direction can only be a good thing.

What I would really like is some settled weather. Let’s face it, “spring” so far has been horrible.  Rain, hail, even snow.  Let’s have some sunshine, warmth, consistent good to firm ground…and I’m confident the results will get better still.  We are about to enter what is traditionally Northern Monkey’s strongest time of year, so I’m full of optimism anyway.

Fantastic to see Precision Value performing so well again.  The ROI is now getting close to it’s historic average.  Bearing in mind it was only a few short weeks ago it was struggling and significantly down for the year, it’s been quite the turnaround.

Bet Alchemist (100pt bank): Staked 191pts, +28.105pts, roi 14.71%, roc 28.1%, High: 33.355pts, CDD: -5.25pts, Max DD: -9pts.

Northern Monkey (100pts): Staked 208.875pts, +36.931pts, roi 17.68%, roc 36.93%, High: 36.931pts, CDD: 0pts, Max DD: -27.028pts

Precision Value (200pts):  Staked 335pts, +24.737pts, roi 7.38%, roc 12.36%, High: 24.737pts, CDD: 0pts, Max DD: -24.834pts.

Racing Service 1 (50pts): Staked 29.5pts, +6.312pts, roi 21.39%, roc 12.62%, High: 12.312pts, CDD: -6pts, Max DD: -8pts.

TOTAL ROI: 14.37%, ROC: 21.39%

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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