Oh, I wish it could be Cheltenham…every day!

There’s very much a feeling of after the Lord Mayor’s show this week.  A bit like when you’ve gone back to work after a fantastic holiday, I find myself continually thinking, “this time last week…”.

Not only is the sport itself mesmerizing, but the profits always tend to be pretty good too.  Last week’s Festival proved to be a bumper week for betting, with the 5%+ total bank growth achieved over the four days about what I would consider to be coughed up during a good month.

A big tip of the hat to the tipsters who worked so diligently and conscientiously to produce that profit.  I can only imagine the level of work they each put into the week, and it is to be admired.  I know that Racing Service 2 was unable to come up with the goods last week, but I also know he put in hours and hours of work.   It was only for the rub of the green going against him with a couple of the tips that the week ended in a loss and not significant profit.  That must be tremendously frustrating – putting in such a level of effort without seeing the rewards for it is something that I think would drive me mad – but I guess that’s the nature of the game.

Overall, Cheltenham has made me pause to think, and realize just how much the guys whose services I follow deserve to do well.  They give everything, and that is to be admired.

Portfolio performance from Friday 1st to Sunday 17th March

‘Main’ portfolio: ROI 10.73%, ROC 5.42%.

‘Starter’ (Football Lay Profits, The Accountant, The Value Bettor, Northern Monkey): ROI 5.62%, ROC 4.35%.

‘Broxchange’ (Football Lay Profits, The Accountant, Golf Insider): ROI -0.58%, ROC -0.38%.

Individual Service Performance

The Accountant: Staked 37pts, +0.293pts

Racing Service 1: Staked 38pts, +22.675pts.

Football Lay Profits: Staked 147.01pts, +4.4pts.

Golf Insider: Staked 44.4pts, -26.4pts.

MVS (Lite): Staked 27pts, +0pts.

Northern Monkey: Staked 26.125pts, +13.007pts.

Football Service 2: Staked 17pts, -4pts.

Racing Service 2: Staked 30pts, -7pts.

Racing Service 3: Staked 56.75pts, +30.825pts.

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