The New Year – always a good time to get things right!

If you’ve read my previous posts on this blog, I would like to think that you might have picked up on what is something of a recurring theme – that to bet successfully and with a view to making a profit over time, you need to set yourself up right. Yes, that relates to your mentality.  Without a professional and realistic attitude, you have no chance.  But setting yourself up correctly also refers to the basic mechanics of your betting too.

Getting the fundamentals right

What do these mechanics consist of?  Well, there’s no mystery to them.  It’s just the fundamentals.  Following the right tipsters, having access to the best odds on each bet, taking measures to ensure you maximise the lifespan of your bookmaker accounts, keeping proper records, etc.

Let’s attack the very first of these points; following the right tipsters.

No need to take a risky punt

From talking to a lot of SBC members over the years, something I hear time and time again is that before making a conscious decision to raise the professionalism of their betting, people would waste money subscribing to tipsters who either had no real talent or were perhaps simply rip-off merchants.

I know I certainly wasted a lot of time and effort following the betting advice of some of these dubious characters.  After a while, I became so cynical that even when I discovered the SBC, it took me ages to actually sign up.  Seriously, I deliberated for months, all the while still trying to find tipsters that were honest, professional, and who possessed some sort of real edge over the bookmakers.  In the end, I thought blow this, and took the plunge with the SBC.

Now, looking back, I wonder what on earth I had delayed for.  In fact now, I can never see the point of paying to join a tipster that isn’t monitored and recommended by the SBC.  I’m sure there are services out there that are not proofing their selections to the SBC, and who are professional and produce a profit.  But why take the risk involved in guessing who these might be?  What’s the point?  On the one hand we have a large number of tipsters who have, over a long period of time, PROVEN themselves to be honest and profitable, and who we KNOW run their service extremely professionally and in a customer-focused way.  On the other, we see claims in adverts – some of which may be true – but we have absolutely no way of finding out whether they are or not before handing over some hard-earned.  So why take the risk?  As a serious bettor, we have to be always minimising risk, and to me, it seems a no-brainer to do that with every aspect of our betting operation.

Easy to find the best tipsters, so why risk doing anything else?

Take the SBC’s Tipster Profit Reports.  Published at regular intervals throughout the year, they tell us immediately who the best tipsters in the market are and how they’ve been performing.  They contain tables showing annual profits, recent form, how easy or difficult it is for members to secure the advised odds on each service’s selections, how much betting bank growth they have provided, and vitally, how long a period of time they’ve proven to have been profitable.  I know that the latest Report has just been released.  Anyone looking to start their 2017 betting journey on the right foot in terms of who they follow would find this extremely valuable reading, I’m sure.

With all this information so readily available, and updated frequently, why oh why would anyone take a punt on some tipster who doesn’t proof their bets anywhere, whose adverts we have to gamble on being honest and accurate in the claims they make, and that for all we know the odds may last just seconds before tumbling after bet release so that you could never realistically replicate their claimed results anyway?!?

We’ll be taking a look over the other “fundamentals” in a series of posts moving forward, but if you make only one New Year’s betting resolution, make it the one that says you’ll stop taking daft and unnecessary risks when it comes to stumping up to pay your subs to a tipster.  Just play it safe, and follow the tried and tested.

Betting from Monday 2nd January – Thursday 5th January

A good midweek, with the portfolio running at an excellent ROI of 39.79% and generating a further bank growth of 1.63%.

Top of the Hit Parade has been Northern Monkey who has had a storming last couple of days after what had been a very quiet week.  Wednesday’s sole bet was a winner (Petite Jack – Lingfield – 9/4) and on Thursday we had three winners from six bets including a stormer at Wolves (Zac Brown – 12/1).  This was the first time that having BOG again on my new accounts really paid off as the horse was originally tipped at 9/1.

Racing Service B came up trumps on Thursday too (Misbah – Meydan – 9/1) which contributed to a total of 10.25 points profit since Monday.  Jason James consolidated his spectacular start to the year by adding another 3 points of profit and it was only Chasemaster and Morning Value Service (Lite) that gave up a loss, albeit a modest one.  No bets at all from Racing Service A.

Figures for the month to date:

Chasemaster: Staked 3pts, -3pts.

Jason James: Staked 27pts, +37.925pts.

Morning Value Service (Lite): Staked 9pts, -5.75pts.

Northern Monkey: Staked 10.25pts, +8.97pts.

Racing Service A: Staked 0.5pts, -0.5pts.

Racing Service B: Staked 18pts, +4.95pts

January’s performance to date: ROI 47.86%, ROC 2.83%.

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