Never a better time to be following tipsters.

As I’m sure you will have seen, the SBC betting Oscar winners were announced this week with the release of the ‘2020 Smart Betting Club Awards’.  The report made for very interesting reading.  If you are yet to read it I won’t give too much away, but I think in light of last week’s Bet Diary post about Racing Service 2, it is pertinent to mention that the service won Gold in the ‘Best Overall Tipster’ category.  I can’t say I’m surprised.  Not many tipsters receive a 5/5 rating from the SBC and indeed it is the only one currently in the Hall of Fame allocated the full five stars.

Congratulations are due to all the winners and it’s good to see so many honest, hard-working betting experts gain due recognition for their efforts.  To my mind, anyone who can create and maintain a significant edge in the betting markets are deserving of high praise, but when we add to the equation high levels of customer service, honesty and eagerness to please, then we have some real betting heroes producing the goods for us.  Is this a ‘Golden Age’ of commercial tipping, or are we simply seeing the consequences of a less naïve and more demanding customer base?

There’s no reason for any SBC member to not now be sufficiently educated to avoid the scammers and chancers that still undoubtedly lurk in the tipping world, and I feel that we now, when compared to just a few years ago, have higher expectations of those we pay to receive betting advice.  And funnily enough, not just in terms of how much money that advice might make for us.

I genuinely think that now, a tipster can be offering profitable advice and yet struggle to attract and retain custom.  There are plenty of options now that allow us punters to consistently secure the officially advised prices, or at least very close to them.  We can easily go to other tipping services if we feel that communication from the tipster is lacking, or that tips are being offered in ridiculously weak betting markets that make achieving a lasting and ongoing profit almost impossible.  We’re seeing a number of tipsters now that we are capable of following profitably on the exchanges, too.  In short, we need not put up with any tipster who doesn’t match up to some pretty exacting standards.  For that, we should be grateful both to the likes of the SBC who have done so much to create a more honest and open industry, and to the tipsters who have responded and who have put their heart and soul into providing the highest levels of service as well as a good return for our investment.

Performance for February to date…

As it was in January, the first part of the month has been a struggle.  Let’s hope that similarities with last month continue in that we see a strong turnaround and an overall decent profit come month end.

At least Racing Service 2 got back to winning ways on Saturday which I’m sure will be a relief to A.  Nothing spectacular, but a profit is a profit and will be particularly sweet after what has been a relative poor stretch.

The others in fine form at present are Racing Intelligence and Scottish Football Income Booster.  A good job they are, as all the others are finding it all a bit of an uphill battle at the moment.

*Figures in italics are those showing year to date (from Jan 1st) figures:

Bet Alchemist (100 point bank): Staked 15pts, -2.875pts, roi -19.17%, roc -2.88%

Staked 37pts, -1.475pts, roi -3.99%, roc -1.48%

 Racing Service 1 (200): Staked 16pts, -0.75pts, roi -4.69%, roc -0.38%

Staked 51pts, +6.65pts, roi 13.04%, roc 3.33%

Golf Insider (400): Staked 11.2pts, -2.8pts, roi -25%, roc -0.7%

Staked 56.3pts, +10.3pts, roi 18.29%, roc 2.58%

PGA Profit (300): Staked 12pts, -9.64pts, roi -80.33%, roc -3.21%

Staked 20pts, +7.86pts, roi 39.3%, roc 2.62%

Precision Value (200): Staked 26pts, -9.417pts, roi -36.22%, roc -4.71%

Staked 112pts, +13.374pts, roi 11.94%, roc 6.69%

Racing Intelligence (200): Staked 59pts, +22.775pts, roi 38.6%, roc 11.39%

Staked 186.5pts, +30.873pts, roi 16.55%, roc 15.44%

Scottish Football Income Booster (100): Staked 18pts, +5.11pts, roi 28.39%, roc 5.11%

Staked 32pts, +9.21pts, roi 28.78%, roc 9.21%

Racing Service 2 (50): Staked 8pts, -1.25pts, roi -15.63%, roc -2.5%

Staked 18.75pts, -6.75pts, roi -36%, roc -13.5%


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