March Review

The highlight of the month was, of course, Cheltenham.  Now the dust has settled and I can reflect on the four days of incredibly intense and exciting racing, I can’t wait until next year’s Festival.  I know the Grand National is something of an institution, and I know the racing over the three days of racing at Aintree is top class, but to me the two just don’t compare.  Aintree to me has the feel of ‘after the Lord Mayor’s Show’ about it, which isn’t fair really.

From a betting perspective, Cheltenham proved to be very profitable, as it often does.  What preceded and followed it in March was not, and it has made me stop to think a little.  There is plenty of evidence to suggest that a good number of horse racing tipsters perform better when the class of racing is higher.  I presume that one reason for this might be that better class animals run to form more often and therefore form is perhaps slightly easier to interpret.  It would be interesting to see how a portfolio of tipsters perform just from Festival and weekend racing.  The markets are stronger too so prices hold up better, and the bookies less likely to run scared from your action.  Food for thought.

Hats off this month to Racing Service 1 (which only ever tips during the better class of racing) for a quite superb performance, largely down to Cheltenham but profits were picked up too through the other weeks of March.  Racing Service 3 also had a good time of it although some Cheltenham profit was handed back.

No service really crashed and burned this month, but I do feel I need to see something soon from The Accountant.  I’m exercising patience and it would be good to see that patience rewarded in April.  Here’s hoping.

Portfolio Performance for March

‘Main’ portfolio: ROI 5.26%, ROC 3.98%.

‘Starter’ (Football Lay Profits, The Accountant, Racing Service 2, Northern Monkey): ROI -1.76%, ROC -1.4%.

‘Broxchange’ (Football Lay Profits, The Accountant, Golf Insider): ROI -6.84%, ROC -5.61%.

Individual Service Performance

The Accountant: Staked 74pts, -6.464pts, ROI -8.73%, ROC -8.08%.

Racing Service 1: Staked 47pts, +25.475pts, ROI 54.2%, ROC 25.47%.

Football Lay Profits: Staked 189.41pts, -3.57pts, ROI -1.88%, ROC -1.78%.

Golf Insider: Staked 77.2pts, -28.8pts, ROI -37.3%, ROC -3.6%.

MVS (Lite): Staked 57pts, +8.621pts, ROI 15.12%, ROC 9.69%.

Northern Monkey: Staked 42.875pts, +7.356pts, ROI 17.15%, ROC 9.19%.

Football Service 2: Staked 28.5pts, -3.93pts, ROI -13.78%, ROC -9.82%.

Racing Service 2: Staked 34.5pts, -3.5pts, ROI -10.14%, ROC -6.12%.

Racing Service 3: Staked 69.25pts, +18.325pts, ROI 26.46%, ROC 13.74%.

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