Is it really Cheltenham week?

If it’s ok with you, I’m going to switch my posts, with Monday’s BD post giving some general thoughts and observations and Wednesday’s post carrying the latest betting figures.  The only reason is I’m finding it difficult to pick up the returns from the various slips I’ve placed over the weekend in time to then update the figures and write this post on a Monday evening.  And rather than post best estimates on returns, better to be accurate.  Mind you, it’s not too taxing to add up actual profit at the moment on account as there isn’t any!


Is it really Cheltenham week?  Got to admit, it doesn’t feel like it to me.

I’m so used to following tipsters through Cheltenham week, and then posting updates in here race by race.  Jumping on bets with the online books after digesting the Racing Post over breakfast, watching the morning Cheltenham show on the telly, and generally getting as excited as a kid at Christmas.  Not this year.  I haven’t even booked the time off work, and it is a little sad that the way my betting has evolved through necessity to using the shops has had such a fundamental impact on this week.

No point in moaning about it, and looking on the positive side, I’m expecting there to be much more value available at lunchtime – when I can get to the shops – with which to make up a number of Lucky 15s courtesy of the Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker.  

Having said that, I seem to remember Cheltenham last year providing me with slim returns on my Lucky 15s and being glad when normal racing resumed.  No logic to that, by the way, and hopefully this year will be different.

If you’re able to sit down and enjoy the Festival, I wish you the best.  Lucky beggars!


NFL Strategy

I’ve had a query this week from a reader who wanted to know what the NFL service is that I’m reporting figures from.

The answer is it isn’t a service in itself.  At the risk of sounding a little obsessed with the Bookie Bashing service (it does very heavily influence my betting now, to be fair), it is the NFL strategy you can find on their website that utilises the HT/FT markets.  It’s all there, and free to read.  Basically it involves backing at significantly better odds than the mathematics tells us they should be, and this season proved to be quite lucrative.  Have at it.


So, back on Wednesday with a results update.  Until then, may the first two days of the Festival bring you everything you hoped for!

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