In a good place.

It’s been a very good weekend’s punting, but more on the details of that in the results post on Wednesday.  But something happened on Saturday that has proven to be, if I’m being completely honest, something of a relief.  I managed to bag a substantial Lucky 15 return, the first of the year.

The reason for the relief is not due to any creeping thoughts about the efficacy of the Lucky 15 strategy and the power of the Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker from which the bets are sourced.  I have always been very well aware that it can be a long time between waterholes with this approach to betting, and always felt that I ran somewhat hot during the second half of last year when I landed four or five big winning returns.  Nope, the reason for the relief is that the winning Lucky 15 on Saturday was the first time I’ve collected a good amount in cash from the bookmaker’s shop.

It is definitely easier to profit well with the Lucky 15 strategy when you have access to soft online books, Bet365 and Skybet in particular, with their enhanced places (and BOG concession for a little while at least).  There are not nearly so many favourable races when betting in cash in the offices, so to at least see it is possible is a welcome boost to the old miindset.  I knew deep down it was a matter of time.  It’s just reassuring for that time to arrive.  The profit wasn’t completely spectacular, but it was a four figure sum and it netted a return of almost 40 points, so nothing to complain about.  It was nice to be able to tip the staff, who undoubtedly make this the most welcoming and “nice” shop from the six or seven on my round.

Talking of Bookie Bashing, it has been great to see the training videos made available to members on their website.  The sheer amount of information available to subscribers, which can all contribute to making a profit by finding value, can be a little overwhelming at times.  The videos are so easy to follow though, and I’ve already started to look for my own value bets in addition to those posted on the Tracker by the BB team.  I’ll be listing these as Value Bets for recording purposes, but I’ll be concentrating my won efforts initially on Any Time Goalscorer and First Goalscorer markets, before seeing what I can find in other football markets, snooker, rugby, etc.

This widening of the search for value is something I’ve felt recently is necessary.  I mentioned last week that BetFred’s DD/HH concession is likely to throw up fewer bets this season as unlike last season when all Premier League matches carried DD/HH, this year it’s televised matches only.  To make this situation worse, very rarely does Fred offer value on big matches that come under scrutiny from a large number of people because they like a bet on the big game.  It’s no coincidence I feel, that I the two (yes, just two) DD/HH bets I had this weekend came in the Championship match on Saturday lunchtime, the lowest profile match being shown on TV.

Anyway, I feel in a good place.  Happy and settled with the services and strategies I’m following, and have now seen the proof I wanted to see that darned good money can be made from the shops.  Let’s hope we can now kick on.

Results update on Wednesday…

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