How do your tipsters react when they lose?

Football Service 2 had a bit of a stinker on Saturday.  Five and a half points were staked across six bets.  Only one was a winner.

No-one enjoys following a tipster when they’re losing, but it is always somewhat reassuring when a tipster who is suffering acknowledges poor form and spells out exactly what they feel the reasons are and what they are going to do to reverse their fortunes.  In this respect, FS2 excel.

Come Saturday evening, when all the results were in and had been digested, an FS2 email hit members’ inbox.  After reading the email, I know my concerns had been soothed somewhat.  It was clear that here is a tipster who has seen bad runs come and go in the past and had always recovered strongly from the drawdowns.  The email told of theories as to why form had been so unpredictable in recent weeks, and what the consequences were in terms of betting over the next few weeks.  It also showed an awareness that a bettor must continually adapt to stay ahead of the game, to react quickly to changing conditions, and to have such a depth of knowledge about their area of expertise that they can see why their betting environment is changing.

To be honest, I have been taken a little by surprise by FS2’s recent lack of form.  This is traditionally a strong time of year for this service.  But having received that email, I feel pretty darned confident that it will be churning out the profits again very soon.

So, a question for you.  How may of the tipsters that you follow take the time and trouble to explain why they feel things are as they are when they’re not doing so well?  I’d be interested to hear of people’s experiences.

Portfolio performance for August to date:

‘Main’ portfolio: ROI 10.71%, ROC 4.58%.

‘Broxchange’ portfolio (Football Lay Profits, Football Service 1, Golf Insider): ROI -5.94%, ROC -1.35%

Individual Service Performance

Bet Alchemist: Staked 32pts, +12.175pts.

Racing Service 1: Staked 58pts, +43.775pts.

Football Lay Profits: Staked 89.25pts, +1.71pts.

Football Service 1: n/a

Golf Insider: Staked 35pts, -16.112pts.

MVS: Staked 59pts, -8pts.

Northern Monkey: Staked 42.75pts, +33.204pts.

Football Service 2: Staked 19.25pts, -2.3pts.

Racing Service 2: n/a

Racing Service 3: Staked 58pts, -23.15pts.

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